The Right Place, Now

For everyone cursing me for inflicting Avril Lavigne on them earlier today, here’s something a little more, shall we say, grown-up for you.

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Really, one of my favorite voices in the world.

9 Comments on “The Right Place, Now”

  1. Shade too much vibrato for me… sounds like her vocal cords need to eat a sammich. But thankee for attempting the earwormectomy nonetheless ;-)

  2. My appreciation of your brilliance and all round tastefulness, already damned high, has just increased by about a billion times.

    If you ever get the chance you should see her perform live, for she is truely excellent. Alternatively, grab one of these recordings off Aimie Street.

  3. The divine Eddie trumps Avril (and just about everyone else with the possible exceptions of Emmylou and Mary Chapin)

    You are thanked.

  4. If you’ve never heard it, check out Eddi Reader’s duet with Thomas Dolby on the song “Cruel” off of his Astronauts And Heretics album. She is sublime and delicious.

  5. Nice. Will have to go see if she’s ever sung with The Chieftans, now that would be quite a combination!

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