I’ve arrived in the great, sunshiny state of Florida, where it is in fact rather overcast and thundery. The brochures! They totally lied!

Anyway: Hi, I’m alive. How are you?

Cheap Thrills

Quickly: My latest AMC movie column is up: How to Make a (Good!) Science Fiction Movie (for Cheap!). Or, why spending $150 million on spaceships and explosions and Will Smith is not always the way to go.


Away From Keyboard

Be back later. Here, have an open thread.

Conversation starter: What’s the longest you’ve stayed awake (without the help of drugs stronger than caffeine and nicotine)?

I clocked about 80 hours once myself, in high school. I knew I was in trouble when I started hallucinating. I suspect if I tried to stay awake that long now, my brain might snap in two.

Speaking of which: Off to sleep.