I’ve arrived in the great, sunshiny state of Florida, where it is in fact rather overcast and thundery. The brochures! They totally lied!

Anyway: Hi, I’m alive. How are you?

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  1. i’m (relatively) fine and I made first post. And yes my self esteem is that low that being first post actually matters.

    Its gets thundery a bit down there. That’s the way the guys in the character suits at DisneyWorld unionized (hot suits with iron rods not a great design). Yes, Mickey is a Teamster, you got a problem with that?

    Enjoy Florida Mr Sclazi

  2. The next-to-the-last-time I was in Florida the temperature dropped to 25 degrees and we watched the orange trees freeze and the oranges turn black.

    Dr. Phil

  3. Ha ha ha! Yes, it is nice and sunny here in Ohio as zakur said. And this weekend it’s supposed to be in the 70s, ooooo.

  4. Florida tends to have massive thunderstorms over most of the summer. It’s not so much “the sunshine state” as “the soggy state”. If you want sun, try Arizona.

  5. Welcome to Orlando! I only wish I didn’t have to be in Atlanta this weekend, else I’d be down there tomorrow eagerly waiting to be a fan at Oasis.

    As justme says, it’s raining up here in the Panhandle/Tallahassee. The clouds spit on us for like three minutes a couple of hours ago, but the sky shows no signs of lightening (not lightning, folks) despite the fact there’s been no actual precipitation since.

    Dependent upon where you are in Orlando, if you’re bored you might like to check out International Drive. Although it does not look like you’re there, but rather smack in the middle of town O_O If the weather eases up, check out Lake Eola, it’s not too far from there. Lake Eola is just a nice place to hang outside, and I-Drive has literally everything you could want except for Disney World (but it does have Universal). Restaurants and “cultural experiences” everywhere.

    But if that isn’t your bag, and you want something to do tonight, find your nearest Publix for what defines us as a state. Places tend to have their quirky regional grocery chains…Publix is ours. :)

  6. It is absoultely sunshine-y and pretty here in Chicago. Have you considered the possibility that the weather is your fault? If you do the math I am sure you will come to the same conclusion.

  7. Enjoy the Sunshine State. Oh, and check your bags real good for palmetto bugs and other creepy crawlies when you get back. Serious.

  8. I used to live in Miami, and yeah, sometimes it’s like that, but usually you just have to wait a few hours, or until the next morning.

    Well, I suppose it depends where you are.

    Have fun.

  9. Bay Area reporting in…
    Sunny and breezy.
    All is well with the exception of the Santa Cruz mountains buring out of control.

  10. Wait 20 minutes. It’ll probably clear up. It rains for about 20 minutes pretty much every day between 3 and 5 o’clock.

    Welcome to my home state! I hope it treats you well :)

  11. I’m fine, thanks! But that has nothing to do with being alive, as I am zombified and gross.

    Not for nothing — but I’d appreciate it if you’d be a little more sympathetic to the uphill battle that the undead have to deal with every day when you make casual boasts about having a pulse.

  12. You know, we used to call Michigan “the part of Ohio nobody wanted.” Does that make the Florida panhandle the part of Georgia and Alabama nobody wanted?


  13. I have a headache….
    but otherwise I’m good. Hope you have fun in florida keep us updated on all of your fun exploits :)

  14. I moved to Florida (St. Augustine) because the weather on average is vastly superior to Ohio. Lived in Dayton over 20 years; my in-laws owned and operated West’s Dairy Bar in Bradford then, too.

    This is about the nicest month in Ohio, and we’re having a dreary week in Florida. Humid, too. That’s really unusual along Florida’s Atlantic coast, compared to Ohio.

    Now for the bad news: you’ll spend all your time freezing in artic conference rooms. Hope you brought a sweater!

    See you at Oasis.

  15. Boy, it hasn’t rained in, like, three years, and the state has fire emergencies the last few months, and then, John Scalzi shows up and it’s all thundery and rainy. You tell me who’s to blame.

  16. Welcome to Florida…and although it does seem to be a bit of a gray day statewide, I’d have to say that a bad day in Florida still beats a good day in January, February OR March up in Connecticut.
    Enjoy your visit and come on back in February…THEN we’ll show you some sun!

  17. It looks great outside (in Minneapolis). Me, well I am working a little late and am taking a break to read whatever.

  18. I am good. I lived in Florida for a while and There is a lot of rainy days but it tends to be broken up by sunshine.

    I’, good nice day here in the Bay Area but there is a big fire in Santa Cruz over 3000 acres so far.

  19. I have a splitting headache, but I’ve also just animated the Big Bang so I suppose turnaround is fair play.

    Oh, and I’ve just finished “On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness” while it was rendering. That was fun.

  20. I’m currently in a hospital room, ten feet from my wife who is in labor right now. It’s going veeeery slowly, which is why I have the time to surf the interwebs. I have also read Scott Westerfield’s Uglies cover-to-cover since we got to the hospital.

  21. Ahem. What’s with the “I’m checking in from the bay area” stuff from west-coasters on a Florida-related thread?

    Around these here parts, bay area means Tampa/St. Pete…and, well, yes, it’s overcast and muggy here today, sorry. (But we do need the rain…)

  22. We so need the rain. We are so happy to have it. And you, we’re happy to have you, of course, but the rain keeps on giving. ;)

    (Tampa Bay area, representing.)

  23. Dude, there are mudslides in Orange County, snow up in Big Bear, and thunder and lightning here in North Hollywood. Yesterday it was Santa Anas. Tomorrow night I’ll be on the way to Florida myself (hello, Key Largo and your sweet, sweet diving!). Let’s hope this crap weather doesn’t follow me out there.

  24. On Orange Blossom Trail (known locally as OBT) about 100 yards south of Hwy 50 is a really large gay bar, maybe the largest in the world.

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  26. I’m looking at the radar, and it’s showing rain almost all over the state of Florida.

    Except where I live.

    Have fun. Be glad I’ll be home with my wife instead of there stalking^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H searching for your autograph. Although I guess I could just go up your driveway next time I’m in the area. :-) :-P

  27. I have enjoyed a beautiful, sunny day in MN. I spent the away from work (I didn’t skive- had the day off) and in my garden. :-)

    Have a great time in FL.

  28. ytimynona – FLORIDA – I'm a big wannabe. Wannabe a truck driver, PotUS, scientist, writer, and teacher. Well, I already am a teacher. :-)

    hehe when it’s raining is the best time to be visiting Florida…. it’s not too hot out, and you probably won’t have to worry about burning!!!

    And, if you happen to be visiting a theme park, the lines are a billion times shorter when it’s raining!!!!

  29. Cherie Priest said:
    >Wait 20 minutes. It’ll probably clear up. It rains for
    >about 20 minutes pretty much every day between 3 and
    > 5 o’clock.

    Very true. I worked as a hotel maid in Clearwater Beach one summer. Three days running, right at 2:30 p.m., Tourist Dad herds his family out of his room, kids in their bathing suits with beach toys, etc. all ready to enjoy the sun. Outside the window, black thunderheads form, accompanied by lightning flashes. On Day Three, Tourist Dad sees me down the hall with my maid’s cart. “Do you live around here?” he asks. “Yes, sir, I do.” “Does it do this EVERY GODDAM DAY!??!??!?” “Yes, sir, and right about this time, too,” I say cheerily. My “Is there anything I can help you with?” was cut off by the slamming of his room door.

  30. danieleharper – Kalamazoo, MI – Chemist, rationalist, skeptic, feminist, and deeply humanist. Podcasts about Doctor Who and social justice at oispaceman.libsyn.com.
    Daniel Harper

    But did your album covers also totally lie to you?

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