Worldcon in Reno?

For those of you with a science fictional bent, there’s a group of fan who have just decided to put in a bid for the 2011 Worldcon to be held in Reno, Nevada.

I think this is a fairly interesting choice, myself. Apparently the Reno Visitor’s Bureau wants the convention in town, and it’s a city where the accommodations, etc would be generally less expensive than in other bigger cities, which for cash-strapped fans has its own appeal. The other 2011 bid I know of is in Seattle, which should make for an interesting compare and contrast for SF fans, in terms of choices. I’d be happy with either, so I guess I win no matter what. I like it when that happens.

How to Jump the Political Shark

This is how.

Bear in mind that this is not the same as saying Clinton’s going to leave the race. She’s made it pretty clear they’re going to have to wrench her out with pry bars. But it’s also pretty clear she’s in the Ted McGinley era of her campaign.

In a Stunning Betrayal of Everything I Stand For as a Writer and a Human Being

I’m currently writing in a coffee shop:

I could say it’s because I’m just I’m letting the hotel service staff tidy up my room, and that it’s the Starbucks in the hotel lobby, and that I’m the only person in the seating area, so there’s no one to impress. But honestly, those are all just rationalizations, aren’t they. Yes, yes. Let the class action suit from the purchasers of the Coffee Shop book commence. I’ve no one but myself to blame.

RIP, Robert Asprin

Fans of the Myth Adventures series will be saddened to learn that Robert Asprin died yesterday. It was apparently peacefully, on the couch, with a science fiction book in his hand. He was scheduled to be a Guest of Honor at Marcon this weekend. I have a lot of friends who really enjoyed the Myth Adventures as well as other Asprin books, so I don’t think it’s wrong to say he’ll be missed.