RIP, Robert Asprin

Fans of the Myth Adventures series will be saddened to learn that Robert Asprin died yesterday. It was apparently peacefully, on the couch, with a science fiction book in his hand. He was scheduled to be a Guest of Honor at Marcon this weekend. I have a lot of friends who really enjoyed the Myth Adventures as well as other Asprin books, so I don’t think it’s wrong to say he’ll be missed.

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  1. And just last week I discovered his collaborations with Jody Lynn Nye and have been working my way through them.

    You’ll be mythed, Robert.


  2. I was also a big Thieves World fan. This is sad to hear, but there are far worse ways to go than curled up on your couch with a good SF read.

  3. “This is sad to hear, but there are far worse ways to go than curled up on your couch with a good SF read.”

    Let’s hope it was a good read, then.

  4. I will miss him as well, loved all of his novels, especially the Phule’s Compant.

  5. mensley@7 already said it, but John you mythed the perfect tag line. I enjoyed the Myth books as well and will myth more to pass on to my kids.

  6. I haven’t read any of the “Myth” books for a very long time, but I was planning to start them up again and see if my kids might enjoy them. I guess this will spur me to do so right away.

  7. Not a Myth fan but Thieves’ World, yes. I am shocked and deeply saddened by his passing.

  8. As a SCA member, as well as a Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan, I have to say that we lost a great man. Our “Kingdom” will be in mourning for a long time over this loss.

  9. That’s indeed sad news for those who like humor and intelligence in their stories. I loved both the Myth books and the Thieves World series. Adam’s correct, the world is a little bit less bright today. My condolences to his family and friends.

  10. Just last week, I read Dragons Wild, supposedly the first of a new series set in New Orleans. It was the first book in years that solely had his name on the cover. Apparently his problems with the IRS were over. They plagued his writing much over the last dozen or so years.
    I’m saddened to hear of his passing. I’m glad, though, that it was peaceful.

  11. I had hoped we were seeing a new run of books by him, now that the IRS, the problems with Meisha Merlin, etc., were behind.

    I had just started re-reading the Myth tales last month and was asked by my wife to not read them in bed, as I kept waking her up with my laughter.

    Good stuff. Thank you, Bob.

  12. 6: “Let’s hope it was a good read, then.”

    It was a Pratchett, although I don’t know which one.

  13. I always enjoyed Mr. Asprin’s work. My teenager will be very sad also, since he’s become a total fan of the Myth books.

  14. Met him a few times when he was just one of those SCA folk my best friend hung out when. Gosh, that was a long time ago. And his books are so much fun!

  15. I love the work of Rober Asprin. I’ll never forget sitting on the floor of the public library reading his books. I was allowed to get an adult library card at 12, but it was hard to find books that interested me. His work was one of the first things I read up there. RIP

  16. Oh, what a shame. For much of my teenaged years, I was a huge fan of the various Myth books, and I’d been happy to see them starting up again after such a long time.

    I’ll really miss his work.

  17. Huge Thieves’ World fan, though I haven’t read them in years. I think I’ll go back and re-read now.

    RIP Mr. Asprin.

  18. “It was a Pratchett, although I don’t know which one.”

    That’s exactly how I want to go. Any Pratchett would do.


  19. This is sad news. From the early days of Cold Cash War through Thieves World, Myth Adventures and Phules Company, he was always one of my favorite Authors.

    Perhaps when I go, it will be with a Myth book in hand.


  20. It sounds like I have more reading to do (a few titles I don’t recognize) but I have had snickers and giggles and belly-heaving laughs at those I’ve read. Thank you, Mr. Aspin.

  21. Apropos of the post (“Stunning Betrayal”) above this one, dare I mention that Asprin’s first novel or two were written in a coffee shop?

  22. I learned of this while at Marcon from a poster that somebody put up. It’s a little bit surreal to learn from a random poster that the con’s author special guest will not be attending because he died. Yesterday.

  23. Such a loss. His Thieves World books were some of the first SF I read, and I have fond memories of seeing him present “The Capture” at a con I attended over ten years ago.

  24. I met him once and he seemed to be a very nice gentleman. He was GOH and we’d designed a dragon poker supplemental deck (you play regular poker and throw in these cards to change things up— a little easier to play than the dragon poker he described.) I think he had a good time playing the game with his fans.

    No Phule he. He will definitely be mythed.

  25. He did very well with non-series novels too. The vastly underrated Mirror Friend Mirror Foe is still one of my favorite novels of all time.

  26. Darn. The Myth series was a big help to me in college by providing vitally needed distraction and relaxation. I have been very happy to have new additions to the series recently and was looking forward to many more. Lauren mention Cold Cash War. I remember reading that in an SF magazine (don’t remember which one) in high school. I did not know he was the author but I remember the story very well. It bothered me greatly because it was such a compelling story, I reread it numerous times, but I seriously disliked the world in which it took place. But it made me think, actually and helped, or forced, me to settle certain ideas about my own world view. I guess that is one aspect of the definition of good writing. Mythed indeed.

  27. He was at the first convention I ever attended (many many years ago) and on discovering that my friends and I had pooled our money and had only enough for a room for one night and gas money, and therefore were sleeping the first night of the convention in our car (very crowded!) he offered us floor space. Not wanting to inconvenience anyone we slept in our car anyway, but I have never forgotten his kindness, which led to my reading one of his books…. and since my teens have been given them to read and become fans too.

    You shall be mythed, Mythter Asprin. Thank you for the laughs.

  28. This sucks. I read Phule’s Company and Phule’s Paradise only last year. My condolences to his friends (of which he must have had many) and family.

  29. God bless, Mr. Asprin. His Myth series and Thieves World compilations were my favorite books to read as a teenager.

    Yes, mythed he will be.

  30. I’m very sorry to hear that. I was a big fan of Bob’s work, and when I met him as a kid (me, not him), he went out of his way to be nice to me. Great guy. Great loss.

  31. May he bring as much joy to the dimension he choses for his next incarnation as he has brougth to ours.
    It is indeed a great loss for all of us who enjoyed his books.

  32. That’s so sad. I met him last August at a writing panel and he was so kind, graciously taking time to give me advice when the panel had finished. He will be missed.

  33. There was a big Filk Wake at Marcon for Robert Asprin. The Dorsi Irregulars showed up with guitars, Tully, and alot of memories. The hotel left the filk room alone for a few hours so bottles were passed around and old friends remembered. It was a rather somber weekend at Marcon.

  34. I was really sorry to hear about his death. I heard, too, it was a Pratchett book he was reading.
    I’ve read all his books but the Thieves World and had just finished reading his first Dragon Book. I was looking forward to many more of them — the second was scheduled for release in April of next year.
    Asprin will indeed be “mythed” by very many of us. My sons, too, enjoyed his Phule books and my husband his Myth books. I enjoyed them all!

  35. I would be a “Phule” if I didn’t say Robert will be “Myth’ed” He was such a “Thief” with word but gave back so much with his stories. My son, whom I have just finished the first Myth book with, and I just learned of his passing and are saddened. I think we will read the second one right now…and continue saga. God Speed Robert.

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