Hear Me Blab

I was featured on the SyFy Radio broadcast last night, and they’ve put the show online for you to listen to here. I’m on the show currently featured at the top of the page, and you can also find it a couple entries down for download, etc. Note that the media player starts running when you pull up the page. I show up around the 25 minute mark; there’s five minutes of minimal technical glitchiness, but everything pulls together about the 30 minute mark.

Brevity, Etc.

It occurs to me it’s been about a week since I’ve written a post that is more than a couple of graphs. Well, I’ve been busy. With life! Outside of Whatever! Yes, it’s possible. I know some of you doubt it. But there it is.

How is your Sunday?


In 30 minutes I do a panel on blogging. I thought I’d note that here just for the extra level of meta.

In other news Florida is nice and Oasis 21 is lots of fun. More details later.