Brevity, Etc.

It occurs to me it’s been about a week since I’ve written a post that is more than a couple of graphs. Well, I’ve been busy. With life! Outside of Whatever! Yes, it’s possible. I know some of you doubt it. But there it is.

How is your Sunday?

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  1. My Sunday is jealous of your Sunday, for your Sunday takes place in Florida and mine does not.

    Otherwise, it’ll be all right. I’m getting together with a friend in an hour or so for an afternoon of thrifting and frippery. Still, be aware. My envy will linger.

  2. I’m reading, or trying to, with one working eyeball, this SIGNED book with sheep in it. My favorite word of the day: flatulence. And oh, having my name mentioned twice on a radio show featuring some John Scalzi. That made one of the eyeballs weep. When I feel rested today, I shall blog, with a picture or two. It’s a goooood day for beachside reading, John.

  3. It’s just another Sunday of unbearable heat. At least, I finished working for today, so now I’m gonna have some fun, sleep or something

  4. The weather is stunning here in suburban Philly, and the entire neighborhood is doing the whole bbq/family/pool opening thing. Tomorrow we have our incredibly hokey Memorial Day parade in downtown Wayne, and my ten-year son will be wearing a Phillies outfit and marching with his Little League team. Life is good, at the moment.

  5. My Sunday is quite lovely, thanks. I rode my bike on the freeway for the first time, which was less scary than I thought it would be, and this afternoon, we are firing up the grill.

    But for now, I have a date with the weed whacker and the mess of waist-high greenery it amuses us to call a back yard.

  6. Yard, cleaning, household chores. Just another day. Thanks for asking.

  7. Just to put it in perspective, you’re hanging out inside a hotel at a conference in Florida.

    You’re in Florida! It’s 85 degrees out and you’re inside. Seriously. At the start of the next panel, take everyone outside and show them the sun. Big glowing thing in the sky…

    Ooooohhhh! Aaaaahhhh!!! My eyes, they burn!!!!

  8. Getting the house and yard in order & doing laundry and packing–going to VEGAS, BABY, tomorrow. Annual “reunion” with DH’s college friends.

  9. Recovering from a 10 hour round trip to see my eldest son’s band play. Worth it.

  10. Really lovely Sunday, thanks for asking. We caught the bus to Universal City, watched a 10 a.m. showing of Iron Man in a blissfully quiet theater, had a decadent lunch and then walked home in the sunshine.

    It almost makes up for the Publishing Plan I have to wrestle into submission later today. Stupid giant corporations and their stupid accounting standards.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

  11. I’ve been watching the NASA/JPL coverage of the Mars invasion. We are sooooo gonna kick their asses!

  12. Yard, wacking weeds, dogs with digestive issues (the new one apparently has given the old one the problem it arrived with).

    But, then I got to watch live coverage (with speed of light communications lag) of the latest landing on Mars. Can’t wait for the pictures!!!!

  13. Went to the Mall of America & Ikea today in Minnesota. It’s the same as it ever was. The Mall opened in 1992 with a Lego store inside that has Lego sculptures suspended above it. They have never been dusted. And Ikea has good, inexpensive food, much cheaper than anywhere else.

  14. Flat out on writing-related stuff (never mind what.)

    The house needs a ton of maintenance, the dust is now over my kids’ ankles and the fridge stilll contains leftovers dating from last Monday.

  15. Not to put a damper on the thread here, but my Sunday concluded with watching my relationship walk over to the edge of the abyss, where it now teeters, looking at the drop and thinking to itself, Well, that looks like fun.

    We’ll see where it is in the morning, but it looks like it’s about to take the dive.


  16. That depends.
    If you count it from when I woke up on sunday – at 6 pm – a very lazy one.
    If you count it from midnight.. Out with friends. And lo! There was rock & Roll. & Corsets.
    And it can’t be a bad day if it features pretty girls in corsets, and really good music to listen and dance to.
    Ergo, It was a good Sunday.
    I think I prefer the second definition of sunday.

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