Daily Archives: May 26, 2008

Oasis 21 Wrap-Up

As most of you know, I spent Memorial Day weekend in Orlando, Florida for the Oasis 21 science fiction convention, at which I was a special guest. I’m happy to say I had a really good time. Oasis was intimately-sized, and I tried to make myself available as much as possible just by hanging out, […]

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RIP, Syndey Pollack

Oh, hell. Sydney Pollack has died. He was among other things the director of Tootsie, which with The Philadelphia Story is my favorite comedy of all time. Pollack played a role in the film as well (Michael Dorsey’s agent), and his chops in front of the camera offer some suggestion why he was so good […]

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Various & Sundry 5/26/08

Bite-sized things for your consideration: * First, look what arrived while I was out: It’s the ARC for Agent to the Stars (in case you couldn’t guess) and it looks great, and it’s out waaay ahead of the October 28 release, but like I care because now I have a copy for myself. I’m greedy […]

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Back at Home

And here’s Ghlaghghee, having a good laugh about the “surprise” she’s left me in the house as a “reward” for being away for four and a half days. I fear to see what Lopsided Cat’s left me. It’s probably a deer. Flights back surprisingly painless: Both left on time, both arrived on time. Can’t ask […]

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