Back at Home

And here’s Ghlaghghee, having a good laugh about the “surprise” she’s left me in the house as a “reward” for being away for four and a half days. I fear to see what Lopsided Cat’s left me. It’s probably a deer.

Flights back surprisingly painless: Both left on time, both arrived on time. Can’t ask for more than that. Of course, later in the week I have a connecting flight through O’Hare, so I imagine my flight karma will be back with a vengeance. Look, don’t yell at me for routing through O’Hare. Someone else made my flight arrangements; I just show up to fly.

Anyway, nice to be back. Hope your Monday was restful.

12 Comments on “Back at Home”

  1. And which surprise did you receive from the wonderful domestic feline goddess?

  2. Glad your trip went well and I am glad you enjoyed the convention. I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for your time while there. It was very nice to meet you and I hope we can catch up with you again in the near future. Also, I wanted to say thank you again for signing the books. It is greatly appreciated and please keep up the good work as we need all the good prose we can get in the book world!

    All the best from myself and Melissa and again, thank you!

  3. Would it be a better surprise than the mouse head I found on my porch when I got home from a weekend away?

  4. O Great Scalzi, it is always wonderful to see Her Shimmering Glorious Radiance in a good humor. Because of the burden you place upon Her, these moments of levity are all too rare.

    Your four and a half day absence was obviously appreciated.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  5. That’s got to be the scariest cat photo I’ve seen in ages. Naturally I downloaded it for desktop use.

  6. I believe it’s pronounced “fluffy”. You know, “gh” as in “rough”.

    Though I don’t understand why it isn’t spelled “ghloughghee”.

  7. Still wiped out from diving and still sore from the cramped flight back. Someone needs to tell Spirit Airways that the magical “emergency row equals more leg room” equation failed to apply to my flight back from Ft. Lauderdale. On the other hand, the Spirit terminal at FLL was a lot prettier than the one in LAX, but what else would you expect from the hub?

  8. Hey, is the big G girl changing colors? She looks lighter…and grayer. Whatever. She’s still a beauty.

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