RIP, Syndey Pollack

Oh, hell. Sydney Pollack has died. He was among other things the director of Tootsie, which with The Philadelphia Story is my favorite comedy of all time. Pollack played a role in the film as well (Michael Dorsey’s agent), and his chops in front of the camera offer some suggestion why he was so good behind the camera as well. In one of life’s little ironies, my wife just finished watching Tootsie less than an hour ago, and Athena was watching it with her and seeing it for the first time ever. Athena’s verdict: very very funny (she loved it when Dorothy revealed herself as Michael — but then, who doesn’t?).

I don’t imagine Sydney Pollack would or could have possibly known his work had made a new fan even as he said goodbye to this world. But there are worse way to be sent off. I thank him for the movies, and for the laughs, and hope that if there’s an afterlife, he discovers God’s a big fan.

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  1. He’ll be missed. I loved most of his films and he also was fun to watch as an actor. It is hard to believe he won’t be making any more films.

  2. Had my own Sydney Pollack moment today… I watched MICHAEL CLAYTON this afternoon. Pollack starred and produced it. I always liked the way he brought gravitas to the roles he played.

  3. Dang, Bob beat me to it. “You were a tomato!”

    I never go out to watch movies anymore, but I remember seeing Tootsie during its run at a theater packed with people wanting to have a good time, and the movie gave it to us.

  4. I also only recently discovered Tootsie. I obtained the VHS for a very reasonable price at a garage sale where the seller sold all of his VHS supplies (the player, the tapes, the whole shebang!), and thought, “hey, this looks good.” Loved it!!! And I agree with Athena: his revelation is the best part!!!

  5. He was a wonderful actor and director.

    I loved Michael Clayton (a damned under-appreciated movie in my book), and no one could have done the part of the
    in Tootsie better than Pollack did. No one.

    NPR’s Fresh Air had a nice interview rerun (from 1990) with him this afternoon.

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