Let Sleeping Cats Lie

Zeus wakes up Lopsided Cat and wants to start a fight. Unfortunately for Zeus, Lopsided Cat obliges him.

The moral: Don’t wake up Lopsided Cat. Ever.

13 Comments on “Let Sleeping Cats Lie”

  1. people that have never had cats don’t believe me that the cartoons showing a cloud of smoke with legs flying all over is actually a pretty correct representation of a cat fight.

  2. I bet Zeus knew that would happen and will do it again. Young cats like starting fights and other such shenanigans.

  3. I am curious..Do you have your camera attached to you at all times? Or was Zeus stalking the sleeping Lop-sided cat slowly enough that you had time to go grab it?

  4. Our 3 cats are littermates and have never been apart. They have these big fights but have never actually hurt each other. Our favorites are the “boxing” matches where they slap each other. Very entertaining.

    Dr. Phil

  5. Shiro, our 19 pound Russian Blue/Chartreuse/mutt who has been described by our vet as “ginormous” (I’m 6′ tall, when he wants my attention he stands up and pulls on my belt) sometimes gets it in his head that he will show Kachiko our 8 lbs Snowshoe Siamese that he’s the boss.
    It usually ends with him in a full Nelson with Kachiko chewing on his skull yelling the kitty equivalent of “Who’s my bitch! Who’s my bitch!” I usually have to rescue him.
    Poor boy, he’s such a Snootch.

  6. The difference between play and fighting lies in the amount of blood. When they paint the walls with the stuff, they’re fighting.

  7. We have Far Too Many Cats, all of varying ages/sizes/temperments. Throw in the two Jack Russels and the two German Shepherds, and it’s never a dull moment! The current constant battle is between the yearling German Shepherd and the 30 lb. tomcat. I don’t believe it’s gonna end til the shepherd puppy loses an ear. Fighting a 30 lb. cat is serious buisness. (it never gets that bad, and we constantly supervise, but dayum, the histronics can be loud!)

  8. O Great Scalzi, TempCat Zeus is very lucky that was not the Beauteous Ghlaghghee. Her Shimmering Glorious Radiance might not have been so forgiving. (Presuming TZ survived this experience.)

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  9. Zeus is a Masochist. Obviously. It’s nice to see L.C. isn’t a Sadist, and obliged Zeus with a little tussle.

    “Hurt Me!” “No!” – an exchange between a masochist and a sadist.

  10. the “Pecking Order” has commenced… come out and protect yourself at all time…… or lose….

    Let me quess LC licked the head of Z after it was all over but the growling…

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