New Short Short Fiction (From Me)

Why yes, as it happens, I am writing a bit of short fiction these days, namely a series of short-shorts (i.e., less than 2k words) that will appear in the Subterranean Press e-mail newsletter over the next few months. Even better, some of this short fiction will be interactive: One of the recurring bits will be an advice column for dealing with aliens in day-to-day life, for which readers (meaning, oh, you) can send in your letters asking for social tips for living with the aliens next door. Because you know you have questions. Yes you do.

If you want to get this new short fiction I’m writing, just sign up for the Subterranean Press e-mail newsletter, which you can do off the Subterranean Press Web site’s front page (the sign-up form is in one of the sidebars; just drop in the e-mail address you want the newsletter sent to). It costs nothing to sign up for the newsletter, and also aside from my fiction you’ll learn about various cool new books that are coming out from Subterranean (including, uh, some of mine), plus you’ll get other various special features that pop up in the newsletter from time to time.

So sign up — my fiction will be showing up there within the next couple of issues.

12 Comments on “New Short Short Fiction (From Me)”

  1. Given that my next door neighbours are definitely aliens I can see this being highly useful. Mind you they probably think I’m an alien too so maybe I should think of a way to direct them to this site.

  2. Pardon me if I am lacking in clue, but where do we submit our questions? Because I have . . . call it a *catalogue* of questions about my alien friends and acquaintances.

  3. And now the truth can be revealed – this is why you went to a coffee shop a couple of days ago. Where else can you see so many human-alien interactions in such close proximity?

  4. Great news because I’ve been wondering how one deals with the squanimish moolve excretion trails across my lawn. I really don’t want to be un-neighborly, but the grass turns pink for two days before it screams and dies and the noise is upsetting the children.

  5. Yeah, but you should warn folks: if you get on that mailing list, you will spend money. You’ll get truly cool stuff, but you WILL spend money…

  6. Enter e-mail address and click to subscribe:

    We are performing server maintenance, and as a result, Constant Contact will be unavailable from 11pm to 11am EDT. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    Whoops! Hopefully the company Subterranean uses for this isn’t down 12 hours every day. ;-) I’ll bookmark your post to remind me to sign up tomorrow….

  7. I just got the latest Subterranean newsletter in my email. All I can say is wow and that I can’t wait until the next Sam Mossby advice column comes out. Just out of curiosity, are you loosely connecting this to the Harry Creek universe?

  8. If you liked that, you might also enjoy …

    Just wanted to recommend a great little podcast that I discovered recently – Aliens You Will Meet – which can be found at

    The episodes are mostly under 2 minutes in length, so you won’t waste much time giving it a try.

    Each episode is a brief message from a ‘precognitive meeting planner’ advising it’s owner on avoiding all those little social faux pas that can so easily arise when meeting an alien species.

    It’s great fun. Well worth a listen.

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