June 17 is Marriage Day

Hey, I just noticed that the day that California will start allowing same-sex couples to marry is June 17.

By coincidence, June 17 is the day I got married. And in California, no less.

So to same-sex couples in California planning to get married as fast as they possibly can: I will be absolutely delighted to share my anniversary with you. And I am likewise delighted that such a significant day for marriage here in the United States just happens to fall on the date my own marriage occurred. It adds to the day, in my opinion, and makes my anniversary that much more special. I hope your wedding on that day will be as wonderful as ours was. And I hope your anniversaries will be, too.

Why BEA is the Happiest Place on Earth (If You Like Books)

Because: just by going to dinner last night, I came back to the hotel room with six new books. Yeah, that doesn’t suck.

The books, by the way: 1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die, by Tom Moon; The Book of Lies, by Brad Meltzer; The Fire, by Katherine Neville; Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs; The Condition by Jennifer Haigh and Sweetsmoke, by David Fuller. All of us spoke to a dinner of librarians, which was a lot of fun, because if there’s ever a group that you’d suspect wants to hear authors, it’d be librarians.

Off to breakfast with my editors, then the BEA floor, and then many many more books.

Communities, Etc

Hey, before I forget, I’m having a panel tomorrow here at BEA on online communities, and it makes sense that, duh, I’ll talk about Whatever and the community that’s sprung up here. I know what I’m going to say about it, but just in case some of you folks have some thoughts on it — or on online communities in general — drop them into the comment thread. I’ll check this out before I go on the panel and pretend all your smart ideas are my own share your thoughts and wisdom.