Monthly Archives: May 2008

This Is What I Get For Inflicting “Xanadu” On You

I was 1,600 short of a million unique visitors for April (okay, 1,619, Mr. Literal Pants). And interestingly, visitorship yesterday was down about 1,550 from the day before. Coincidence? Or pathological aversion to Olivia Newton John? You decide. And while you’re deciding: Okay, seriously, that’s the last time OLJ will show up here. No, really. […]

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I Remembered This Year

Ladies and Gentlemen, “First of May” by Jonathan Coulton. You might not want to play that if you’re at work and/or prefer not to hear the F-bomb sung repeatedly in a Kenny Loggins sort of way. But if you’re not and if you do, aye, there’s springtime goodness to be had here. Happy May!

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