Daily Archives: June 2, 2008

Wil Wheaton: More Handsome Than Me

As you can see by this photo, taken by Galleycat’s Ron Hogan at BEA. If the two of us were, like, the Gen-X writer version of Wham!, I am so Andrew Ridgley. The picture is illustrating a nice bit Ron did for Galleycat that covers some of my adventures at BEA, and also features some […]

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Technical Madness

So, I’m doing some fiddling with the Scalzi.com site (aside from the background and banner image change), which is unrelated to Whatever, but which if I screw it up might possibly affect access in some nebulous way, maybe. If access seems a little bumpy today this may be why. Hopefully, however, you won’t even notice.

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BEA in Brief

Book Expo America was something of a working vacation; I was there to promote Zoe’s Tale and Agent to the Stars, but since it was in LA, I also had a chance to see a bunch of friends, and BEA being where every book publisher in the US was trotting out their big titles for […]

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Housekeepery, 6/2/08

A few notes: * Whateveresque registration is open and will remain open until about 10pm tonight. Come join the fun! As always, here’s a primer on how to pick a Whateveresque name that doesn’t look like spam. And also, of course, feel free to introduce yourself once your registration’s approved, in the “All About You” […]

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