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My pal Mary Robinette Kowal has a nifty short story in the latest edition of Clarkesworld, which is available online. Why aren’t you reading it already?


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  1. Yep. Good. Stuff.

    And that guy Paul Jessup, sharing cover with Mary Robinette Kowal, has an uber-weird offing on vampire hunting and quantum physics.

    Just sayin’.

  2. I don’t doubt it is excellent, Berry. Clarkesworld is generally full of the good stuff.

  3. Because I read it like three weeks ago?

    Don’t you just love it, though? I think she’s amazing. And I’m ordering the cover artwork as well…Clarkesworld hit a homer with this issue!

  4. I just read it and loved the story. I liked the way the character in service talked. I’m gonna see about Kowal books. thanks for the headsup.

  5. John, RE: #2–Most definitely a loaded baked potato of awesome. I came late to the Clarkesworld reading game but have yet to be disappointed. Also high on my list of online ventures welcoming themselves and genre writers to the 21st century. Now, if they can just channel that coolness to getting us our flying cars . . .

  6. Well deserved nomination.

    Fist story I’ve read from her but will have to seek out more.

    Loved the simplicity, AND the complexities of the story. The way the character’s were represented and written true to their “true nature”.

  7. Been there, read that, forgot to get the t-shirt….

    Clarkesworld is high on my ‘check immediately upon updating’ list.

  8. Hey! Thanks for pointing this issue out. I’m delighted to be in Clarkesworld, as it’s one of my favorite magazines.

    @Patrick M. It’s the Duck Soup hat. It changes the shape of his face.

  9. This was an interesting and enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing. I didn’t know about Clarksworld.

    I liked that I almost had it figured out until the flying bird went through the window. Again, enjoyable read.


  10. @Mary: I don’t have a face. Just a malleable metal. It changes when different bits of light hit it. Don;t tell Patrick though, I’ve been sending himself pictures of me as a Japanese school girl, and I think I have him fooled.

    Clarkesworld is rock solid. Not just for buying my weird as all hell story, but I am very proud to be in that issue- there is much good stuff. So much good stuff.

    And Berry- thanks for your enjoyment :)

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