Guess How This is Going to Turn Out

The dog that showed up on my in-laws’ doorstep, who appears to be lost and/or abandoned. Says Krissy, oh, well, we’ll just take him home until we find his owners.


The good news is that none of the other animals appears to be mightily offended he is in their living space. At least so far. We’ll see how it goes from here.

Depending, there may be a contest later.

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  1. Oh, my g-d. The widdle face. Look at him. How could anyone give him up? SMOOCHES!

  2. Re: “a contest”

    Will you doctor him up before shipping him to the winner? Or will he have to be picked up? I guess those details will come later. I predict low participation, though.

  3. I had assumed the contest would be to name the pooch, not house him.

    But Jeff Hentosz @#2 might be easier for you. And everyone knows pseudonymous blog commenters are completely reliable pet owners, the salt of the earth, really.

  4. He looks like a keeper.

    We have two dogs and two cats. DH has threatened to issue me a “pet ranching” license if any other furred creatures take up residence. That does not include his 20 or so fish.

  5. So, let us know which idea is right. Will there be a contest to name the pooch, or a contest to find him a new home? Inquiring minds want to know! (to coin a phrase)

  6. Considering I have spent the evening tempting my husband with a posting of a shepherd/huskie mix puppy at our local shelter, I think Krissy is just working deftly with local materials.

  7. Awww….

    Have you had him scanned on the off chance he’s microchipped?

  8. Wait, that’s a puggle – those are expensive little dogs (yes, a scary cross between pug and a beagle). I’m surprised nobody is looking for him.

    Well, in any case, I’m glad he landed with someone who understands that people are people, whether they have two legs or four.

    Keep us apprised, sir.

  9. La Gringa:

    Indeed, he looks rather puggleish. Although he could also be a poxer (pug + boxer).

    Also, everyone, if there’s a contest, it will be for the naming.

  10. Damn! I wanted that dog. At least a shot at getting the dog. Oh well. Congradulations(?) on your new addition.

  11. Yikes. Yes, for the record, I was kidding. Sorry it wasn’t more overt.

    Warren: This, believe it or not, is my reallio, trullio name. Believe me, if I wanted to come up with an online handle, I could come up with something way better than the alphabet hash on my birth certificate.

  12. Why sigh, John? You both bring home strays–you, books; Krissy, animals. ;-)

  13. What la Gringa said — that-there is a puggle, and they don’t come cheap. Surely someone is looking for him? If not, it’s nice to know that he’s landed someplace cushy.

    (Puggles are intensely popular in the posher parts of Seattle, right along with Boston Terriers, ordinary Pugs, and French Bulldogs. I know ’em when I see ’em.)

  14. I’m kinda hoping nobody is looking for him. Because all my vicarious pet pangs are taken care of through other people, but if that thar puggle (Algernon Grumpypants the Third) belongs to somebody else, what are the chances they will blog and take pictures of him?

  15. I can’t help but think back to some moment or other where you wondered how you got so lucky winding up with your wife…..

  16. You might as well start the naming contest. How does “Copernicus” or “Doc” sound? I think he kind of looks like a Doc.

  17. And here I was lamenting the addition of a 3.3 lb stray kitten to our spouse/puppy family… Our 9 month old, 33 lb puppy veers between deeply offended and overly playful. The dog toys are definitely suffering. The vet called the kitten a “ballsy prince,” and he can intimidate the dog but not figure out the litter box thing. He currently goes by “No-Name” instead of trying to fill the big shoes of Temp Cat.

    Good luck with your strays, and I hope ours work out.

  18. Puggles are great but beware their anal glands!

    And to think, I could have gone my whole life without posting something about anal glands to your blog…

  19. You’re such a pushover.

    And look at him wagging his tail. He’s working the room. And he’s breaking my heart.

    Guess you can’t call him Sweetie, huh? How about Luther?

  20. Yup. Puggle. Got yourself a puppy-mill special there. Nice he landed someplace good, considering his likely start in life, in crap-filled greedhead’s breeding operation.

  21. Get ready for a lot of vet bills, depending on how much pug he got over the beagle (and judging by his looks, I’d say it’s a lot!) Does he do the backward sneeze when he gets excited? That’s always cute!

    Mm, brachycephalics, how you keep my profession alive. *winks*

  22. Scalzi said:
    The dog that showed up on my in-laws’ doorstep, who appears to be lost and/or abandoned. Says Krissy, “Oh, well, we’ll just take him home until we find his owners.”

    R i i i i i g h t . . .

    Sounds just like my wife – on more occasions than I can count, even with my shoes off. Unless lightening strikes, you are definitely going to be running a naming contest soon.

    Reminds me of the occasion eleven years ago when I was on loan to our Seattle facility, and the company was flying me home for the weekend once a month. At the end of the first month, I arrived at home to discover that my wife had added a mother cat and five (5) kittens to her already extensive, and varied, collection of critters.

    When I questioned this abrupt and sizable addition to the four-legged population, my wife said, “Well, I may have a home for two of the kittens.”

    To which I replied, “First – ‘may’ is not a synonym for ‘do‘. Second – eleven minus two still equals too d**n many.”

    Subsequent events proved the validity of my first comment – one of the “kittens” died of cancer last month, but the rest are all still here. I trust that you and Krissy have already factored increased expenditures on dog food into your budget, because it is clearly on your horizon.

    With best wishes,
    – Tom –

  23. He’s cute!

    To name a dog, we must first know his personality:
    does his tail wag when he sees you?
    does he give kisses, shake hands, or both?
    can he eat table scraps?
    does he prefer to play or sleep?

    (And yes, this would be me covertly trying to get to know your visiting dog better…)

  24. PS to the above.

    I had intended to submit my entry to the naming contest now, since it’s obvious that there will be a contest unless the owner shows up. So, here is a proposal for the name of your newest family member.

    In the interests of efficiency, I suggest that the name of your new resident should be, “ak”. (Pronounced as a single syllable, not as separate letters.) That will simplify things when you notify your canine population that dinner is served.

    With best wishes,
    – Tom –

  25. To me he looks like an undocked (no trimming of ears and tail) Boxer.

    It’s hard to tell from the photo, but he seems to be a pretty large pup. Another reason to think “Boxer”.

  26. O Pretentious Scalzi, what determines whether this Anteater-Thing-Lite stays or goes is the opinion of the Beauteous Ghlaghghee.

    And given its extreme ugliness, and given that Magnificent She has enough ugliness on Her Hands already with you, we of the Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club will hazard a guess:

    The UglyThing will go.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  27. Chang, what you fail to grasp is that for dog lovers, the more wrinkled and ugly, the cuter the widdle beast is.

  28. Twelve years ago, we ended up with a little black kitten that had been abandoned and found his way to a friend’s doorstep.

    Yesterday, he passed away. I’m missing him terribly, but it makes me happy in some karmic way that another animal may have found his way to a great home on that same day.

    (Is Kodi happy to see the canine/feline balance improving somewhat?)

  29. That is one handsome dog. And he’s friendly – not only is he smiling for and looking at the camera, he’s wagging his tail at the same time, too!

    Hey – maybe he was out hunting ‘coons, and that’s why he wandered to your in-laws?!?

    I think he looks like a ‘Gary’, but that’s just me…

  30. What a cute dog! He looks like he’s going to be a bundle of fun.

    I think he looks like a Henry.

  31. Tyson.
    As in Mike Tyson the boxer.
    No wait, didn’t he bite someone’s ear? That’s asking for

    Mo. (as in Mohammed Ali)
    Or Ali.

    G’Luck finding him a home – my dogwalker’s rescue is
    ALWAYS swamped with dogs-seeking-homes.

  32. Honestly, I’m still trying to wrap my head around the complicated gymnastics required for a pug-boxer cross . . .

  33. here are the winning (and runner up) entries to the naming contest

    “Wrinkles” or “Abe” as in Vigoda
    possibly Tyson if a boxer

  34. Looking at that semi-transparent tail, might I suggest the name:


    (from Nadreck the Palainian in E.E. Smith’s Lensman saga, whose body was only partially in our own dimension)

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