TempDog™ Knows How to Pose

Here’s the proof. He certainly is a cute little bug-eyed thing. I’ll be taking him to the vet today to see whether he’s chipped or not; if he is indeed a puggle, being chipped seems possible, since they’re expensive little beasties, and not your typical abandonment material.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Do you and your wife leave biscuits for all these furry animals. You just seem to have a high rate of random pets come and live with you. Kinda like Noah’s arc but just for cats and dogs.

I love how mutts are now the in-thing, and costly, as long as it’s just two breeds which form a cute name when joined. My childhood dog was half-Springer half-Poodle. Now termed Sproodles. Our mutt was free.

I’m waiting for the TempHuman ™ to show up.
I am also reminded that my former employer lives just far enough out in the “country” that people regularly abandon animals near his farm, kittens being the majority crop. Just as he was getting sick of this he came home to find about five or six in his driveway that the dog (Daisy) had mostly eaten. So he took out an ad in the lost and found –
“To whoever abandoned the kittens out on East High Point Road : The dog says thank you, they were delicious.”
No more abandoned kittens for some years after that.

Actually, there was a news story on CNN today, about how the foreclosure crisis is hastening animal abandonment, since the pet owners have no new place to bring them–and a lot of shelters are full. TempDog may be a result of that.

He actually looks quite content to me. Pugs are cute. Except when they slobber all over you because of their smushed up faces.

I own a pug and his nose isn’t as smushed as ur average one, so he doesn’t really snore or slobber. Although, sometimes if he is sleeping on his back he will snore, so then it becomes a contest of wills on who can snore the loudest me or the dog. My wife, however, does not find any of that amusing, she has on occassion punched me in order to get me to stop, with me having no recollection in the morning on what happened except for the bruse on my arm as proof.

man, I love dogs, but I just can’t stand pugs. I hope TempDog never becomes a full time employee at the Scalzi compound. You should invest in a Lab. But if you need something exotic, I feel that I can reccomend Jack russel/poodle mixes. They’re weird enough to fit in with the rest of your menagerie.

Them’s be an ugly dog. I love boxers, and most similarly hideous dogs but something about the way TempDog™’s eyes protrude from his head ruins his looks to me.

Somewhat off topic, does anyone know if designer mutts suffer from the same sort of delicate dispositions re: health and susceptibility to disease that most purebred dogs do? Or do take after other mutts more in this direction?

Hopefully he is better trained than the Puggle that lives above me. He barks constantly and jumps up on everyone he sees (including his owners) causing some serious scratches now that we are into shorts and flip flops season.

If you end up keeping him I hope he turns out to be better behaved.

“I’ve seen a look in dogs’ eyes, a quickly vanishing look of amazed contempt, and I am convinced that basically dogs think humans are nuts.”

John Steinbeck

He’s in the house now?
You’re doomed.

We have a cat (and tiny kitten) who have attached themselves to our yard. I’ve been feeding them but they are NOT allowed into the house, not have they been named (another sign of surrender).
My husband is weakening, but I’m holding fast.

“Tempdog” my shiny metal duck. Permadog, the hound who will not be moved, maybe. Instadog, the solution to all your pressing couch-sitting needs, quite possibly. But one thing is for certain – that dog has a sagacious gaze – he knows where the bodies are buried, and you won’t be shifting him now. Congratulations!

7. la gringa & 33. Another Steve

I agree, but I think he should be called ‘Winston’, short for Winston Churchill. Think of when you have to call him – you need hard sounds that carry. Think of Katherine Helmond as Mrs. Ogre in ‘Time Bandits’. When she called for her ogre husband – “Win-ston” – it really carried. A good name fore for saying loud, soft, short and long.

(he could still be a Gary, tho…)

There’s something in the air; I got a call from my wife yesterday about a stray in need of a place to stay. He’s already been by the vet, so I’m betting that he’s going to go perma right away.

I like the idea of giving “designer” names to mutts. They should do that at the pound to help “market” the dogs. We got a German Shepherd and Samoyed mix at the pound years ago. Now that was a beautiful dog. Hmmm…… Gepmoyed? Shepmoyed? Samerman? Samherd? Not sure on that one.

That’s one kickass, offkilter, adorable dog.

We once had a German Shephard/Husky puppy, which was called a Shuskie. Damn thing wouldn’t shush, wouldn’t get house trained, chewed everything, and after a few weeks, had to go to a lovely farm to play for the rest of its life.

(Really, there was a farm. My uncle had a farm. My parents wouldn’t have lied to us, would they? WOULD THEY?)


I’m in. Piece of cake. Used the ol’ limpid chocolate eyes trick. Amateurs. I’ve started eating the cat food at night when everyone goes to bed. He should be dragging in dead rabbits any day now. The dog will take some thinking. Maybe hiding garbage under his bed. They’ll be gone in a month.

Have established surveillance position. Please send invasion forces update.

–the pugster

n.b: the wife’s a looker. might consider getting rid of him too.

hugh57 @ 34–
Update–I’m screwed.
Woke up this morning to my husband cuddling the cold wet kitten, cold wet mama cat writhing around his ankles.
“They’ll just stay on the porch until the thunderstorms are over.”
I’m not thrilled; Senior Cat is seriously peeved.

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