Daily Archives: June 6, 2008

Holy Crap, Amazon is Down

How will I be able to value myself without my Amazon rankings? Amazon’s not supposed to go down, you know? If Amazon can go down, so can Google. And then, of course, it’s back to anarchy. It’s stuff like this that does remind you that, hey, there is still some value in an occasional hard […]

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This Will Not End Well For Someone

I told you the cats have issues with TempDog. Also, fun fact about TempDog: He snores. Like, amazingly loudly. I’m assuming this is part of his pug nature.

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Why Is This Puppy Tired?

Could it be that last night he ran away from the house and disappeared and then spent all night outside, lost and confused, until we tracked him down this morning? Yes, that might be it. If indeed he’s a lost puppy rather than an abandoned one, I don’t blame his owners. This one is trouble. […]

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