This Will Not End Well For Someone

I told you the cats have issues with TempDog™.

Also, fun fact about TempDog™: He snores. Like, amazingly loudly. I’m assuming this is part of his pug nature.

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  1. It’s a Jagular. Haloooooo….

    And then they drop on you.

    Reminds me of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes: “Five of his six ends are *pointy* when he does that!”

  2. Ari:

    No, not chipped, and a look through papers/local shelters finds no one looking for him. We have folks lining up to take him off our hands.

  3. I’m sure being part pug doesn’t help the snoring. But, seeing as how our beagle snores like a freight train (sometimes even when she isn’t asleep), the beagle part likely isn’t doing much to correct matters.

  4. I just love how you always try to fool yourself with that “Temp” designation.

    Here’s looking forward to years of Old-What’s-his’-name pics after you decide he lives there. (I vote for calling him Moose)

  5. That dog looks less pug and more boxer to me. His legs are too long for a pug, doncha think? And, from personal experience, I can attest to the fact that boxers snore. A lot. All the time.

  6. #6 Technoshaman: RE: Calvin and Hobbes: Same thought came to me, but was too busy (work, ha!) to post the comment!

  7. Useless and irrelevant question, whose playing the Sims 2? I spotted the CD on top of a copy of Zoe’s Tale.

    That said, cute picture!

  8. How large of an area are you searching for lost dog notices? If his beagle background is dominant, he might have come a long was (and beagle wanderlust might explain why he wandered off last night). When I was a kid, our neighbors had a pair of beagles that would pick up the scent of a deer or rabbit and wander off. Then, they’d find another interesting scent…and another. IIRC, our neighbor sometimes had to drive 15-20 miles to retrieve them.

    OTOH, the pug-associated nasal deformation might prevent that sort of scent tracking behavior.

  9. Nick:

    “How large of an area are you searching for lost dog notices?”


    I.F. Adams:

    Athena plays it.

  10. Oh man, we watched a pug for 4 months and that things snored like a buzz saw. To make matters worse, I snore like a buzz saw, so my fiancée just heard one constant snore all night long for 4 months. I’m suprised neither the dog nor I never woke up with a pillow shoved down one (or both) of our throats…

  11. Milo, my tuxedo short-hair cat who looks a lot like Zeus (let’s hear it for mythological Hellenic names!), snores like nobody’s business. He fell asleep against the door of my computer room the other night which acted as a resonator, and he woke the wife up two rooms over.

  12. Hi, John. A couple of years ago we found a ferret in our backyard. (A ferret! How cool is that?). Anyway, we knew absolutely nothing about ferrets, except what we gleamed from a few movies over the years. (Is it rabid? Do they bite? Is this a crazed wild ferret that will scratch out your eyes or one of those fun-loving ferrets that will steal grandma’s gold locket and keep changing the channel? And what the hell is that smell?)

    Anyway, we googled ‘ferrets’, herded him into the relative safety of the garage (away from the cheerful dog who so desperately – cheerfully – wanted to eat the ferret), went to the store to buy ferret-food and a couple of toys, and printed out about 50 fliers to canvas the neighborhood with. We also discovered that ferrets are not natural to North Carolina; they do bite, but not very effectively; and the smell is a musky odor that only a ferret-owner could love. We kept him away from the remote control – and grandma – so we’re not sure what would have happened there.

    In essence, we assumed that it would take days or weeks to find the ferret owner, and didn’t hold out much hope of even that. We started putting out fliers … and only got to flier number two. The second one was handed to a real person, you see, instead of a mailbox, and this person said, “Hey! The guy that lives there” – pointing to a house about 100 feet away – “he was looking for a ferret yesterday.”

    Anyway, said guy was indeed the missing owner. He, too, had little hope for a reunion, and his girlfriend had already bought him a new ferret to cheer him up.

    So … the point of all that is to not give up hope too quickly. The owner may be surprisingly near, and just talking to a few folks or some creative canvasing might just lead the puppy home.

    Cheers, and good luck.

  13. ” or one of those fun-loving ferrets that will steal grandma’s gold locket and keep changing the channel? ”

    My brother’s ferret used to steal potatoes out of the kitchen, and scoot backwards down the hall to his bedroom, dragging the potato and hiding it under his bed.

    He also used to crawl under the kitchen counter, climb up the backs of the drawers, crawl into the top drawer, open the top drawer, and hop out onto the counter.

  14. hahah. i told my dad about the snoring pug and he was like
    “I could have you told you that!” apparently pugs are big snore-rs, but sweet. My dad had 2 pugs growing up named Charlie and Sookie :)

  15. So, what happened to TempDog? Did you give him away? Did you ask those people to start a blog and keep uploading puppy pics regularly?