From the Fecund Garden of 80s Obscurities

Man, I am so unspeakably bored with myself today I find it hard to even tolerate being in the same room with me, which as you might imagine presents some issues. Rather than foist myself on the rest of you, I instead present you with a slice of 80s music obscurinalia, to wit: “Jacob’s Ladder” by The Monochrome Set. I’ve enjoyed the song for a quarter century now, but until about five minutes ago I’d never seen the video. Score another one for YouTube.

Hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be back when I find myself somewhat more interesting.

8 Comments on “From the Fecund Garden of 80s Obscurities”

  1. … heh. Your Google-juice is powerful. This entry is now the #1 hit for fecund+garden.

    Other than that, I got nothin’!

  2. All from ’88

    “Bearing Witness” by Dreams so Real. Rough Night in Jericho is a great album, nothing on there I don’t like.

    The Other Ones, Holiday.

    Big Pig, “Breakaway” (also, the Bill and Ted Soundtrack )

  3. Rats, couldn’t find the Rush song “Jacob’s Ladder”. Oh YouTube, why do you deny me! But here’s The Boss covering Pete Seeger:

  4. OMG! The Monochrome Set was my favourite fey 80s band, and that’s saying something, I know.

    This is the song I heard walking into a Yonge Street record store ca. 1982. Yeah, it’s a much simpler video, but it’s equally catchy.

    And practically their entire back catalogue is available at eMusic.

  5. Interesting video. Reminds me of some short films I saw by Kenneth Anger (part of a mini Kenneth Anger film festival). But this video din’t drift into mind numbing art house land – so post more like it please.

  6. Their sound reminds me of Chris Isaak… But only if he was on “uppers” to the point of bouncing off the walls. I was just a bit more in to groups like Killing Joke, Lords of the New Church, etc… back then although I did go through my electronics “phase” back then as well as my hard core heavy metal years so, no complaints about the tune here.

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