The Final Disposition of TempDog™

We’ve found an owner for him, who is very nice and sweet and will love him to tiny tiny bits. We’re very happy for the both of them.

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  1. I’m very happy for TempDog – an energetic pup like he seems to be needs an owner prepared for the three mile hikes after a curious scent.

    Kodi the Wonder Dog looks as if she is handling it in stride. She’s just cool.

    There seems to be a spot on your couch where a kid of some sort has melted into the upholstery. I assume it got to hot, and like a crayon in the car, the kid melted. Do you have a good upholstery cleaner?

    Kodi Appreciation Society

  2. Mr. Scalzi, I don’t mean to alarm you, but there appears to be a blonde bear in that picture. The valiant TempDog appears to be distracting it from your daughter.

  3. I haven’t the slightest idea what you’re talking about, MarkHB. None at all.

  4. I notice that you avoided specifically stating whether or not said owner is a member of the clan to which one John Scalzi belongs. So . . . What is the real story?

    With best wishes,
    – Tom –

  5. Brett L and mka – agreed. I am stunned at how huge Kodi appears here. She looks substantially bigger than Athena. I’ve seen numberous pictures of Kodi elsewhere on Whatever, but never been quite so struck with her size before.

  6. Well, she’s an Akita, folks. Them’s big dogs. And yes, she is bigger than Athena; weighs more, in any event.

  7. LOL @ Lauren. I was going to say something about the poor child on the couch, but she said it all! Good luck to TempDog(tm) in his new home!

  8. It appears to be rather hot there!!! It’s rather hot here as well!!! My poor father was forced to carry the single-room air conditioners up from the basement today (a month before he normally has to do so!) because it got up to 104 today on our back porch!!! 104 degrees Fahrenheit!!! In NEPA!!! In early JUNE!!!!

  9. URGENT NEWS FLASH: Rep. Kucinich introduces articles of impeachment against President Bush. Live now on CSPAN.

    Personal note: Could the Dems be more stupid? They’re going to place both Clinton and Obama in a bind where they need to either speak out against a President sitting in time of war or basically endorse the goatfark which has been going on. The Dems are their own worst enemies.

  10. KIA:

    How is this related to TempDog™?

    Please don’t put unrelated stuff into a thread. You may assume that if I want a discussion on that topic here, I’ll post something about it as its own entry. Wait until then. Alternately, if you have a Whateveresque account, go and post there in the appropriate topic thread.

  11. *Sigh* You are entirely correct, Mr. S and I apologize for my overly zealous post. I merely thought you and some others might like to see what might be history in the making.

  12. I’ve always loved Kodi. Tell Kodi that for me, okay? I mean, really tell her all the time. Drive that point home, John. She needs to know I love her.

    I mean, I’ve got this throat thing that I really would like to keep.

  13. Let me join the chorus of those surprised / impressed / frankly alarmed at the size of Kodi. Not that I ever doubt the size of *any* Akita, but, wow.

  14. One of our housemates used to have a long-haired Akita that weighed 120 pounds. (Recessive genes: the Akita pups that come out with long fur are “pet-quality” and can’t be shown at dog shows.)

    Then she had the dog’s thick, heavy coat clipped off for summer one year, and found the dog actually weighed 90 pounds.

  15. Let me put it more succinctly for the others:

    That’s a big fucking dog.

  16. Note: We have three horses, so large animals aren’t unusual to me – but that is, in fact, a big goddamndall dog.

  17. irregardless of it’s magniquilimous size, that canile beast is pulchrimonious.*

    *man, that dog is pretty…
    (Sadly, Firefox’s spell check didn’t catch irregardless. How sad is that?)

  18. congrats on not having another mouth to feed!

    PS: give that poor girl a Popsicle or something. She’s making me perspire just looking at her!

  19. O Confused Scalzi, allow the Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club to analyze the ramblings of MarkHB @ 7.

    He has been driven insane by the lack of Beauteous Ghlaghghee pictures and the excessive number of pictures of Anteater-Things in recent days. Your pandering to the lunatic fringe has destroyed his weakened mind.

    Luckily, The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club is made of sterner stuff, and has made it this far thanks to stockpiling pictures of Her Glorious Shimmering Radiance.

    If you have any pity in your otherwise pitiless self, you must Do The Right Thing immediately – and you know what that is. If you do, MarkHB @ 7 will return to lucidity and you will be a hero.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  20. I like big dogs, I’m always afraid I’ll step on the small ones (comes from a family friend who had dachshunds that hid under the furniture.) Congrats, TempDog!

  21. Congrats, Tempdog!
    Re: current Ohio heatwave. Let’s just say that AEP loves us LOTS right now….screw my carbon footprint. Central Air is my FRIEND.

  22. Just in time too, it looks like Kodi was about to have him for lunch.

    How long have you been living with that ursinoid alien?

  23. la gringa:

    No. Called the shelters, looked at the local newspapers, went to the vets to see if he was chipped. Nothing across all three. We suspect now he actually was abandoned. Which is sad.

  24. To the Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club,

    Please do not refer to the Wonderful Kodi as an “Anteater-Thing”. She is a wonderful dog, regal, protective of her humans and large enough to be clearly visible from over-flying aircraft, which is exactly what a dog should be.

    And don’t forget – she has LASER BEAMS that shoot from her mouth. Beauteous Glaghghee cannot claim such a distinction!

    While we enjoy the pictures of the cats, Kodi is obviously the most important non-human resident of the compound.

    Kodi Appreciation Society

  25. O Cruel Scalzi, see what your cruel nature has done?

    The lack of Beauteous Ghlaghghee pictures has further destabilized a deranged member of the so-called Anteater-Thing Appreciation Society. The poor thing makes all sorts of sad accusations and claims which we will not repeat (and need not refute as they are on the face ridiculous). Unlike you, we of the Executive Committee of The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club display a reserved courtesy, even to those who actually admit worshipping foul Anteater-Things:–Monteverde%201-94.jpg

    We know they cannot help themselves, being of naturally low standards and capabilities.

    You simply have no other choice. It is time to unleash a small part of the Infinite Healing Power of Magnificent She and publish a picture of Her. Those who gaze upon Her will be calmed, relaxed, and cured.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  26. Poor Chang not Chang. He has obviously been hurt in the past, since he dwells on a creature that stands aloof, offering neither affection nor sympathy. He also must appoint (dragoon?) (shanghai?) people into the Official Ghaghghee Fan Club.

    Kodi, being a dog, is open and loving, offering affection and sympathy to all her humans without limit. She even has some affection for the cats of the household, or she would have eaten them the first time she got a little peckish. She wouldn’t call Ghlaghghee ‘a lost, degraded remanent of fallen idol’, as some have called cats in the past. We who have voluntarily proclaimed our membership in the Kodi Appreciation Society want to be like Kodi, affectionate, sympathetic, with never a bad word for others, and with the power to shoot lasers from our mouths.

    Kodi is made of Cool, and her bounty is freely given. Join us, Chang not Chang, and see what it is like to be Cool.

    Kodi Appreciation Society