Campbells and Sturgeons, Oh My

The finalist lists for this year’s Campbell Award for best sf/f novel (as opposed to the Campbell Award for Best New Writer, which is a separate award) and the Sturgeon Award for best sf/f short fiction are up, and both contain lots of folks I know. Which makes me happy, because in this regard, I try to be the anti-Morrissey:

Yes, this might have just been an excuse to post a Morrissey video. Sue me.

19 Comments on “Campbells and Sturgeons, Oh My”

  1. ewww..Morrissey..
    “Shoplifters of the world, unite and take over…”


  2. is this the only way to post on this website mr. scalzi?… i thought it was a blog, but i must have been mistaken

  3. I completely support any reason to post a Morrissey video. But then again, I’m an child-of-the-80s old lady.

  4. and ray… i speak German wouldn’t it be ich heiße? or is that southern germany?

  5. no no i thought it was an open… not on any subjects… excuse me but i am 16 and i’m finding a hard way to explain mr scalzi

  6. Today, I like the music my mom played for me growing up — classic rock. Does this mean that Athena is going to be addicted to 80’s music?

  7. Hey, Morrissey released an album in the last year or so. He’s still relevant.

  8. Grant@9
    You are correct.
    Proper German would be Ich heiße Ray.
    I also speak some German having lived in Austria for 2 years.

  9. At long last, the answer to a question that has nagged me for some time: How many “Morrisseys” could fit in a circle?


    (btw, I like Morrissey and the Smiths a whole bunch).

    – yeff

  10. Grant: If I’m reading you right… No, this is not a Blog site like, oh, Livejournal: This is Mr. Scalzi’s public Journal, what lots and lots and lots of random people comment on. If you want to be starting random questions, you probably want to register for the forums, what are open for registration on the 3rd and the 15th, I B’lieve?
    and lo. I’m at work and can’t see the video. poor me.
    Random question: Who /is/ this ‘rachel ray’?