Campbells and Sturgeons, Oh My

The finalist lists for this year’s Campbell Award for best sf/f novel (as opposed to the Campbell Award for Best New Writer, which is a separate award) and the Sturgeon Award for best sf/f short fiction are up, and both contain lots of folks I know. Which makes me happy, because in this regard, I try to be the anti-Morrissey:

Yes, this might have just been an excuse to post a Morrissey video. Sue me.

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  1. I completely support any reason to post a Morrissey video. But then again, I’m an child-of-the-80s old lady.

  2. doselleyoung – I am a writer of graphic novels, comic books, and pulp science fiction--all with determined edge of social commentary. My prose story, Housework, appears in the pulp anthology Darker Mask (Tor Books) which is due to hit the stands in the summer of 2008. I am currently at work on a project for the Vertigo imprint of DC COMICS. My next book will be Spittlebug Blues--a novel of crime and super powers that returns readers to the fictional city of Misery, Mo. and the further adventures of Birdie McIntyre. I am the author of several short stories for DC's Vertigo imprint. Appearing in the anthologies Gangland, Heart Throbs and Strange Adventures, these stories "Your Special Day", "Jericho" and "Driving Miss 134" display the my love for that unique area genre material meets the human heart. Thematically, my stories tend to cast an eye towards vice, corruption and the downside of self-discovery. I have also contributed stories for various issues of Superman, Wonder Woman and The Authority. I am the writer and co-creator of The Monarchy--illustrated by John McCrea with additional issues by Warren Pleece and Dean Ormston. A child of Los Angeles, like many, I, too, have contributed work to a number of screenplays and treatments for feature films and understand, perfectly, why any lover of prose might drink himself to death beneath the shadow of the Hollywood sign. This town, this bright angel Los Angeles, is a fickle lover, indeed.

    I find this particularly funny. Nice one, Scalzi!

  3. Today, I like the music my mom played for me growing up — classic rock. Does this mean that Athena is going to be addicted to 80’s music?

  4. Grant@9
    You are correct.
    Proper German would be Ich heiße Ray.
    I also speak some German having lived in Austria for 2 years.

  5. At long last, the answer to a question that has nagged me for some time: How many “Morrisseys” could fit in a circle?


    (btw, I like Morrissey and the Smiths a whole bunch).

    – yeff

  6. Grant: If I’m reading you right… No, this is not a Blog site like, oh, Livejournal: This is Mr. Scalzi’s public Journal, what lots and lots and lots of random people comment on. If you want to be starting random questions, you probably want to register for the forums, what are open for registration on the 3rd and the 15th, I B’lieve?
    and lo. I’m at work and can’t see the video. poor me.
    Random question: Who /is/ this ‘rachel ray’?

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