First Day of Summer Vacation

Athena went straight from bed to bubbles. Because, on the first day of summer vacation, why wouldn’t you?

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  1. You can blow bubbles on swings, too. Just sayin’.

    Ah, summer vacation. New Keds for the summer. And then you hit that beastly hot day where your worst jeans get made into cut-offs. Bike everywhere. Read books.

    Clearly youth is wasted on the young. (grin) The problem is, they’re just not ready to do anything else. (double-grin)

    Dr. Phil

  2. Remember how long the summers were when we were that age? Summer vacation seemed to last an eternity.

    Some day, someone really smart will come up with a scientific explanation for this time dilation phenomenon.

  3. It’s easy, Marko. Summer as a ratio of your actual lifetime was much larger.

  4. I don’t know Marko- when I was her age it seemed like it was a dual time dilation/time compression:at the beginning days were long and golden, but there was no middle- it was a really long first two weeks and then “where did my pretty vacation *go*?!”

  5. Good grief, she is only now getting to enjoy summer break? Schools let out here a month ago. Poor poor Athena.

  6. i love when the little earthling goes straight to bubbles, as he does often.

  7. OTOH schools over here won’t let out for a week or two yet, so she isn’t *that* poor

  8. #7 Its the primary application of the Geographical unfairness theorem.

    Simply stated the further north you live the longer the school year lasts and the shorter the summer is in relation. I was a victim of this once in the fifth grade, and had to suffer through until the end of highschool.

    I moved from Virginia when school ended on Jun 3 or there abouts (First Friday following Jun 3, unless Jun 3 was a Sunday then school was over the previous Friday) and always started the day after Labor Day, to Massachusetts where school seems to always end on the Friday closest to the 4th of July without going over.

    Why Vacations and Heat! In VA most schools had no AC, same in MA. However schools do have heat. In Northern climates schools are a beast to heat, so they have a February vacation generally calculated to be the coldest week of the year regionally. That pushes school out longer. While in Southern climates school has to end before it gets to damned hot out and all the students die of heat stroke. The one year we had snow days when I lived in VA, they said screw it school still ends of the same day we don’t give a crap about the 180 days, students will start melting if we go any longer.

    The crappy part in MA where I lived at the time, there were several private schools that skipped the February week off and didn’t believe in snow days. So by the time we got out of public school all the good summer jobs were sucked up by the kids that been out of school for nearly a month already!

  9. My daughter, also nine, decided in advance to spend her first day of Summer Vacation playing Lego. It turned out to be a good plan. It rained all day.

    There was Lego. There was Star Wars. I’m quite sure they are my kids.

  10. OMG!!! All the promise of the first day of summer! Is there anything better for a kid? Not at all. And nothing is there for us adults that matters as much I think.

    ‘Cept for a new episode of Battlestar Galactica!

  11. What is this ‘Summer’ you speak of?

    Sunless in Seattle (now 10 days and running)


  12. How long is summer vacation over there?!?
    My son doesn’t break up until the end of July.

  13. Because, all my bubbles were defective!! I got a 6-pack (two for each kid), but only 2 bottles had wands. This so doesn’t work!! I guess that’s what I get for buying DollarStore bubbles.

    Happy Summer!

    (You can tell from the liberal use of exclamation points that I work in the public schools and celebrate summer more than my children.)

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