The Collective Wisdom of Whatever

Hey look, guys: We all get namechecked in a high school valedictorian speech (the actual speech begins at about 1:15):

That’s very sweet.

The entry she’s talking about, incidentally, is here. Just in case you missed it.

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  1. John, that only answers what Space Opera is not.

    And really, she missed one of the key things in the original post — invest now in good companies.

  2. Heh. That’s really rather damned cool. I have floss on my desk. I have to check for floss *everywhere* in case people think I have runaway tapeworms.

    No, really, look at the stuff.

    Well, they might think that the cats have tapeworms. I’d rather they thought that, when they encounter my rogue floss.

    Do you think I should perhaps stop typing now?

    But really, you see this coil of white stuff randomly someplace, and it kinda looks tapewormy and maybe I should stop using dental *tape* and go for the fluffy kind, you know, the stuff where you get a foot of fluffed floss interspersed with three inches of tightly-spooled material for the cutting and the gripping.

    I should have stopped typing when I first mentioned it.


  3. Is it me or are young people smarter today then when I was young. It seems so but it could be that I was just an exceptionaly dumb kid.

  4. Dental tape resembles tapeworms. Dental floss, not so much.

    My kitties have a standing scrip for Drontal. I, unfortunately, know exactly what worms look like coming out either end of a cat. Yuck.

    Ms. Larbalestier is correct, dental floss companies would be a fine investing opportunity.

  5. Where was she when I graduated from H.S.?

    We had co-valedictorians, both of whom went on interminably in valedictory cliche to a point far past nausia.

    2 1/2 minutes of valedictory-speak, and with an actual message, wow. I am impressed.

  6. Hey, that was a pretty good little speech! I’m impressed by her ability to write, considering she’s barely a high school graduate. Her speech-giving could use a little work, but then hey, she’s had to listen to Bush for the last 7 years.

  7. I also recommend flossing…but I think doing it while typing would get drool in your keyboard. Not so good.

    Yo, Scalzi! Yer gettin’ quoted in Valedictory Speeches. Get ready for the (next) call from Oprah.

  8. The next step on the fame ladder: Finding yourself in a university commencement speech.

    Floss optional.

  9. She did a very nice job with that speech: smart, funny, and short, it’s the Wallace Shawn of commencement addresses.

    But I don’t know how I feel about her saying that this blog is something her parents read. Inside my head, I’m hearing a voice telling me to chase kids off the lawn.

  10. Now being mentioned during high school graduation ceremonies—see, that’s why you can no longer take ‘the new guy’ awards and recognition…

  11. I think that she missed one other point that I picked up on from the comments on that entry. That point is value and learn from your experiences. More than one person commenting on that entry indicated a desire to not say anything to their 15 year old self lest they change the course of their lives and not end up, presumably, in a position where they are content with their lives now. I didn’t comment on that entry, but I’d be one of those who would have hesitated to influence my 15 year old self for just that reason.

  12. Scalzi @22: Yeah, but that had nothing to do with science fiction.

    Going back in time to give your teenage self advice sounds pretty science-fictional to me.

  13. #20

    Why is the American Diabetes Association thanking Scalzi?
    Americans for Democratic Action?
    The Alternative Distribution Alliance?
    The Academy of Doctors of Audiology?
    The Adaptive Driving Alliance?
    Americans for the Deconstruction of Acronyms?

  14. Nathan@15 – don’t you floss your keyboard regularly? You know, to get out the strawberry seeds that get stuck between the keys, at least?

  15. I tried flossing my cats once, they didn’t appericate it. The wounds, however, are healing up nicely.