Daily Archives: June 13, 2008

NPR/All Things Considered Interview Tomorrow

I did a phone interview with NPR’s All Things Considered yesterday, not about the Obama thing, but about the Phoenix Lander on Mars. The fellow who was interviewing me was asking me about whether the Phoenix mission wasn’t a little bit boring, and what I might do as a writer to spice things up. For […]

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The Big Idea: Lewis Shiner

These are the days of $4 a gallon gas here in the US, a fact which does not generate much sympathy from most other people in the world (who saw the back end of $4 gas a long time ago) but which pinches us pretty hard anyway, and makes us wonder if our car-driven society […]

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Next Up: Putting Out Cigarettes On Her Arm

My wife, sticking her tongue into a buzzing, whirling fan blade, because she’s just that tough. The real question: What’s scarier, the fact my wife thinks nothing of sticking her tongue into a whirling fan blade, just for the fun of it, or the fact that she’s looking at the camera with an expression that […]

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