Singing in Saturday

Been an interesting day. Here’s Tori Amos to take us into the next one. Going now. Gonna hang out with the Dream King.

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By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Kind of a sad day on this end. It sank my heart to hear about Tim Russert. He was one of the truly good ones, and those shoes are going to be impossible to fill.

This is the song that made me fall madly in love with Tori Amos. Even my wife doesn’t hold it against me.

“All the world just stopped now”.

It’s been a sad day, I’m still in shock over Tim Russert. I hope his family finds some comfort in the outpouring of respect for him. As someone who watched MTP religiously it’s like I lost a close friend today.

That’s interesting as in Ancient Chinese Curse Filtered Through Western 21st Century Worldview, I’d assume.

But here’s my idea: put Tori Amos on the Supreme Court. I’d read every decision. And I’m not an American.

Alternative: Toris Amos writing for Fox News.

Aaaaah Tori. Thank you for getting me through High School with my mind intact. And thank you, John, for the nod to one of the greats.

“All the world is…all I am”


Y’know, I never noticed this until now, but comic book geekery is one of the few aspects of geekery that almost never shows up at the Whatever. In this case, it’s only hinted at, and really it’s Tori Amos’ comic fandom, not Scalzi’s. So, where do you stand on comics, Scalzi? Love em , hate em, or don’t care that much? Why or why not?
I get the impression you don’t have strong feeelings one way or another.

– Monty

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