An Online Petition Worth Signing Onto

Borderlands Books is a genre specialty store in San Francisco which is both excellent and owned and staffed by people I consider friends of mine. They want to open a cafe next door, which would be good business for them and be great for folks like me who make book tour appearances or who would want to do other sorts of cozy events in a great atmosphere, surrounded by cool folks.

It’ll help Borderlands convince San Francisco’s planning people that the cafe is a good idea if Borderlands can show there’s a groundswell of support for the idea. Borderlands has a petition at their store, so if you’re in the Bay Area and are a fan of the bookstore, it’d be a mitzvah for you to drop by and put your signature on the petition. If you are elsewhere in the universe, but also a fan of the store, Cheryl Morgan has an electronic petition you can put your name to. Please do, and help make a great bookstore even better.

These Things I Believe

One of the more amusing comments about my recent “Baby Mama” rant (or at least amusing to me, anyway), came from over on Daily Kos, when someone there wondered whether if I was on their side, politically speaking. Because, I guess, if I’m not, then it’s not okay to enjoy the snark for its own sake. Or whatever.

Well, I don’t want my political proclivities to be in doubt, so let me be absolutely crystal clear where I stand:

I support the right of same-sex married couples to carry concealed weapons.

I hope this explains everything.

Thank you for reading.