It’s Father’s Day

And I’m a dad. Which means I’m outta here for today. You have a good one. Here’s some World Party.

Access Weirdness, my Web site host provider, was apparently blocked today by a number of ISPs, including Sprint (through which my own ISP, Embarq, apparently routes its traffic). Don’t know why. I just know I couldn’t access my own Web site. On one of those whims, I installed Tor to see if it would help me connect here.

Seems to have.

Now, whether it’s Tor doing its thing or just the network confusion clearing up at coincidentally the same time, I’m not sure. What’s more, don’t care. I just know I can access my personal site again. Go me.

That NPR Piece I Was In

In case you weren’t near a radio when it ran, it’s online here. It’s about four minutes long and I show up about halfway through. It’s a segment on the Phoenix Lander on Mars, reported by David Kestenbaum.