A Note About Whatever

This is a small thing, but worth noting: I occasionally see this site referred to as “whatever.com”. In fact, it’s not: I don’t own the whatever.com domain name (or any “whatever” domain name, for that matter), and the people who do own it won’t sell it to me. If you point people to whatever.com when referring to this site, they will go somewhere else. The URL for Whatever is http://whatever.scalzi.com.

I think what might be confusing people is the fact that if you type “whatever” into Google, this site pops up as the first reference; that and the fact that maybe they just assume I have the “.com” to go with “whatever.” Well, I wish I did. I should have thought about that ten years ago. Stupid lack of a time machine.

In any event: If you do link into Whatever — and thanks if you do! — please be sure to get the URL right. Thanks.

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  1. This blog isn’t listed on the Wikipedia entry for “Whatever”–maybe someone more technically capable than I can remedy the situation?

  2. Isn’t Google cool? It knows where the Whatever is. Oh and now I have to go see to what use those other people are putting your domain.

  3. What’s sad is the total lameosity of whatever.com — is anybody really going to use them for the items they advertise?

  4. I’ve told the people who own it that whenever they want to sell it to me, to let me know, but I keep not hearing back from them. They’ve been “planning to do something with it” for a few years now.

  5. I think that’s code for “you can have it if you’re willing to pay us enough money…”

  6. Then again, if you’re offering to pay and they don’t respond, maybe not…

  7. I wouldn’t be willing to pay a stupid amount for Whatever.com. I don’t have the money to pay a stupid amount, to begin, and even if I did, there are better things to spend a stupid amount of money on.

  8. It’s a fake directory. It’s put together to drive traffic to certain sites, and to profit from our host’s fame. In the biz this sort of situation is known as cybersquatting.

  9. Gahhh, I hate domain squatters. They make me want to pump an aircraft carrier full of cold custard and pilchards and drop it on them from 20,000 feet.

  10. Well, it’s not there to profit from my fame, since someone owned Whatever.com before I started doing this site (and before anyone knew anything about it). It’s a placeholder for the owners, who aren’t doing anything else with it.

  11. That the owners of whatever.com are not running a specific website does not mean that they are not using the domain. They may be using it solely for the email address (although their MX records would indicate otherwise). Still, that’s their business and not mine. So long as they own it, it’s theirs to do with as they like.

  12. Interesting… whatever.com has the same look as the cybersquaters sitting on my domain.

    My vetquiz.com domain expired while I was out of country and got snatched up. My fault, yes, yet these punks have not done anything with it for years now. Same bogus web page. Burns me up.

  13. I feel for you; we’re in exactly the same boat, and we constantly notice people assuming that our URL is “makinglight.com” rather than (as it is) nielsenhayden.com/makinglight.

    My only brilliant act of early domain acquisition was to register tor.com in 1994, and a few years later, I gave it to my employers for nothing more than glory.

  14. Just read Wikipedia entry on H. L. Mencken. Sounds like a fascinating man. Would be interested to learn about your plans and personal motivation.

  15. Apparently S.T. Joshi has written a bio of Mencken. He did an incredible job following HPL’s life, and seems to have branched out into other prominent atheists.

    It would be worth checking out.

  16. John started “Taunting the Tauntable” in 1998. In chronological order of creation:

    whatever.net 04 May 1995
    whatever.org 11 Jul 1996
    whatever.com 14 Aug 1997

    Where John may have missed the boat:

    whatever.biz 27 Mar 2002
    whatever.info 13 Jul 2003


  17. It funny because i just typed whatever.com in the browser bar (is that what its called?) and it took me right here.

    This sight has just trumped the whatever.

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