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Moderation Reminder

I know a lot of you are throwing in a lot of links in your comments over the last couple of days, so here’s a reminder: Posts with three or more links automatically get tossed into the moderation queue, to prevent spammination. If you try to post a comment and it doesn’t show up, chances […]

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I Never Trusted That Rat Bastard

Incontrovertible proof that Chuck E. Cheese in league with Al Qaeda: Yes, that’s right, he’s performing a terrorist fist jab. But it’s not just that. He’s training our youth how to perform terrorist fist jabs! Look at that adorable moppet whom he is leading down the path of iniquity! Why, that tousle-haired child is performing […]

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The Big Idea: Peter David

What does it take to return to Neverland? Author Peter David, who as a child dreamed of life among the Lost Boys, mulled over this question as an adult. His answer is Tigerheart, a pastiche and paean to Peter Pan and J.M. Barrie that is being praised as having “the same kind of atmosphere as […]

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On the Occasion of Same-Sex Marriage in California

A few counties in California got started on it Monday, but today is the first day that every county in California starts handing out marriage certificates to same sex couples, and then allowing those same couples to marry. In honor of this really excellent day in the state of my birth, allow me to repost […]

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