Moderation Reminder

I know a lot of you are throwing in a lot of links in your comments over the last couple of days, so here’s a reminder: Posts with three or more links automatically get tossed into the moderation queue, to prevent spammination. If you try to post a comment and it doesn’t show up, chances are good that’s what the problem is.

Do not assume I’ve put you on a moderation list unless I’ve specifically said I was doing so (as, indeed, I have done a couple of times in the last week) — I pretty much always alert people if they’ve earned a trip to the queue, and almost never spring the moderation queue on people without an announcement.

I’ve also had a few folks punted into the spam queue in the last week or two. Don’t ask me why; Askimet works in mysterious ways.

In both cases, I go through my moderation and spam queues at least once a day and usually more, so the chances are good I will free your comment eventually. Don’t panic.

16 Comments on “Moderation Reminder”

  1. Your just saying this because your putting almost everyone on this so-called ” Moderation List. ” You can’t fool me.

  2. It’s actually the AP, cleverly retaliating for all those horrifically egregious abuses of fair use in that one other post.

  3. So you admit there is a secret “No Comment” list. Managed by TSA no doubt. Christ, next we’ll have to take our shoes off and walk through the metal detector to comment. I miss the old, pre-911, Whatever.

    The terrorists, they’ve won.

  4. Seriously: what sucks is when you’re put in the moderation queue while trying to get into the conversation. Sure, 6 hours later your comment will turn up, but by then everyone has read past that point and moved on to new topics. Blech.

    The only solution I can think of is for John to hire a full time moderator like TNH is for BoingBoing. I’ll take the job!

  5. Jim Wright, could be worse. Eventually someone will get a 1% Doctrine Idea about planting bombs in body cavities to avoid detection. If you think having to take your shoes off is troublesome, just wait for the turn your head and cough tests.

  6. Oookay. Not only am I not getting my e-editions of the Hugo nominees, but apparently I’m on moderation. I can’t imagine why given that I don’t post here all that often and haven’t at all in the last few weeks. Help!

  7. (thoroughly confused)
    I’m not moderated in this thread but moderated in the Hugo e-edition thread. WTF?

  8. Susan:

    You’re being moderated in the Hugo e-edition thread because threads automatically close after a month to avoid accreting spam. Also, if you’ve sent the request for e-text editions in the last week or so, I’ll be sending them later today. I do the requests in batches.

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