Two Quick Bits About Zoe’s Tale

A couple of very quick things regarding Zoe’s Tale:

1. To the folks who won the ZT contest a couple of weeks ago: I still haven’t mailed out your books. Yeah, I know, I suck. I’ll get them out today or tomorrow. I swear.

2. Folks have been asking how they might get hold of autographed copies of Zoe’s Tale. Well, one way to do that is to see me at ArmadilloCon, which happens the weekend before the official release (which means it’s a very good bet there will be copies in the dealer’s room — and if there aren’t I’ll probably yell at someone). I’ll also be undertaking a small regional appearance schedule with Tobias Buckell (whose Sly Mongoose will be released the same day), where naturally we will sign copies of our books. More details on appearances will be forthcoming.

Aside from that, I’ve been talking to a local bookseller here about the possibility of them taking pre-orders for Zoe’s Tale, and then I would come into the store to sign the copies, and then they would ship them out to you wherever you might be. We’re still looking at the logistics of that, but if we get it all squared away I’ll give you the details in short order, possibly as early as next week.

10 Comments on “Two Quick Bits About Zoe’s Tale”

  1. So there would not be a way for us to perhaps just mail you a copy of the book after we have purchased it and have you sign it and send it back *if we send return shipping payment as well* ^_^

  2. Any idea if you will be touring for Zoe? Specifically Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego?

  3. Hoping you two make it back to Don’s Books in Kokomo. If you do, I’ll have a chance to prove myself a truly rabid fan by bicycling around 60 miles each way to the signing!

  4. And for people who can wait a couple of months or so, there’s Loscon in L.A. on Thanksgiving weekend where you are the guest of honor (which is where I’m planning on getting my copy signed). I only mention this because the con chairs are both friends of mine, and I’d like to keep it that way.

  5. Which means you’re NOT gonna have any copies at Worldcon. Sigh…I’ll just have to see if I can get you to sign my first-edition Old Man’s War instead.

  6. looking forward to it – of course that means I’ll have to cancel my pre-order from amazon – I could just substitute Sly Mongoose!- unless you get them bith signed for me then I don’t know what I’ll do! – by the way I hear the Subterranean will have Last Colony available sometime in the near future – can’t wait!

  7. Erbo, CV Rick:

    I have no idea if copies will be available at WorldCon. If there are copies there, I will be happy to sign them.


    No plans for San Diego this year. The closest I’ll come is LOSCON in November, at which I am guest of honor.

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