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John C. Wright Explains Science Fiction For You

“Science Fiction is that genre of cognitive estrangement in a post-Gothic mode, utilizing a willing suspension of disbelief, transcending anthropocentricism and temporal provincialism, where spacemen, raygun in fist, soar through outer space with a glamorous brunette Space-Babes in their brawny arms.” Now I know what I’ve been doing wrong all this time. Note to self: […]

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The Book Haul, 6/19/08

The books that have arrived at the Scalzi Compound in the last week: I want you all to appreciate the fact that I nearly killed myself getting this picture for you, on account of I was poorly balanced on a chair while I snapped it. Seriously, I could have broke my neck. The things I […]

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Nerdgassing Redux

Over at the AMC Web site, my movie column this week revisits the concept of “Nerdgassing” — that is, kvetching about science and/or continuity issues in your science fiction. This time I’m focusing on movies in particular and point out two of my favorite nerdgassing movie moments, which appear in The Matrix and The Phantom […]

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Sporkzilla Wants to Be Your Friend

Yes, I downloaded the SPORE Creature Creator and tried it out and created Sporkzilla here, who I think is kind of cute, if you like chicken-legged, stalk-eyed, Homer Simpson-lipped creatures, as apparently I do. I suspect I could lose hundreds of hours of productivity just playing with the Creature Creator and calling it “research” (hey, […]

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