Sporkzilla Wants to Be Your Friend

Yes, I downloaded the SPORE Creature Creator and tried it out and created Sporkzilla here, who I think is kind of cute, if you like chicken-legged, stalk-eyed, Homer Simpson-lipped creatures, as apparently I do. I suspect I could lose hundreds of hours of productivity just playing with the Creature Creator and calling it “research” (hey, I do think up alien species for a living). I must be strong and resist.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

23 replies on “Sporkzilla Wants to Be Your Friend”

Aaaaw! I want to pet it, but it looks like it will suddenly turn and bite me, after acting all friendly and then I’ll have it clinging onto my arm, constantly attacking it – or maybe even my face. *shudders* It looks like it has a sharp beak behind those lips. it does.

*tries to run away in fear*

Just read all the small notes. You don’t want to find out one day that thanks to a little “we own the rights to all you do with the SOFTWARE” clause by posting a creature’s pciture on your blog you’ve lost the copyright of your next book in favor of EA, don’t you?

So will we say OMW aliens rendered in Spore? I smell a contest coming. Of course, I’m geeky enough to be pissed that I couldn’t build a Motie because Spore apparently requires longitudinally symmetric creatures. Rank discrimination against Niven & Pournelle.

I entertained myself for minutes putting the spitting bits on the butts of my creatures to create colorful fart jokes. I was ashamed, but I did it. I guess if such admissions are likely to be acceptable anywhere, they should be here.

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