Japanese Cover for The Ghost Brigades

Courtesy of reader Patrick Vera, who saw it on Amazon’s Japanese site, the cover of the Japanese version of The Ghost Brigades:

I’m making the assumption that is supposed to be Jane Sagan on the cover. Apparently in Japan, Jane Sagan has a remarkable resemblance to actress Jennifer Esposito. I do not have a problem with this.

By John Scalzi

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Good point, although it looks enough like the portrayal of Jane Sagan on the Japanese cover of “Old Man’s War” that I think it is. And we know that it’s a woman on the OMW cover because there are breasts, including nipples on the metal suit she’s wearing. Which seemed a bit excessive at the time. But comes in handy for our ID purposes now.

You’ve just got a thing for Jennifer Esposito because she resembles Krissy. I suppose that means the cover of the Japanese edition does as well, in a very distant way…

But it’s not just a “distant” star, it’s a “too distant” star, which is quite a bit more poetic (and metaphorical).

Sounds like a cool title to me, even if it doesn’t really have much relationship to the original English title :)

Probably yuurei. bakemono implies monsters and demons, and not just the supposed spiritual remains of dead people.

I’m not sure that yuurei works in this context either, mostly due to historical culture stuff. Yuurei are often female, not male, whereas in the west ghosts can be either male or female with equal probability….

Not that that sort of thing should really matter, but it probably does. Culture is really weird.

So that’s probably why “Distant Star”.

glad I could find this!
now i can practice japanese and read an awesome book (actually I’ll start with 老人と宇宙, old men and space, not to be confused with pigs in space from the muppet show).
As for the title change, at least they put the english up in the corner so people know what you wanted to call it!

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