Your Home Improvement Tip For The Day

From time to time, you may discover that your sink has become clogged with a large mat of hair. When this happens you must take action. First, grab your bathroom plunger, like so:

Then, apply the plunger directly to the mat of hair clogging the sink.

Vigorously move the plunger up and down to develop sufficient suction.

It’s just that easy!

Warning: Depending on conditions, your mat of hair may be entirely unamused by your actions.

45 Comments on “Your Home Improvement Tip For The Day”

  1. Love the last picture!

    So, do you typically move the cat? Or do you go find another sink? [I generally go find another sink, as payback is a really annoyed kitty who can puke on demand. But then I’m well aware who really rules the house….]

  2. There is in fact a second sink not two feet from the sink in question, unfilled by cat.

  3. I thought I was the only one with this problem…now I know I’m not alone. Thanks for the tip–I’ve also found that running a steady stream of water (hot or cold) can help extract the clog…

  4. You forgot to mention that Drano and electric snakes are HIGHLY contraindicated for these kinds of DIY tasks. But maybe you didn’t need to.

  5. HAR!

    We have a different hair clog problem in our household; our black feline likes to sleep on the floor in the doorway between the bedroom and the bathroom. At night.

    We’ve taken to doing the foot-sweepy gesture when we walk, for punting her gently is less disastrous than stomping on her.

  6. You forgot to mention: Do not under any circumstances apply bacon to your mat of hair. It won’t solve the problem, and will only serve to get you funny looks.

  7. No one in their right mind puts bacon on a sink cat, Brian. That’s just nuts.

  8. Funny; I’ve never had this problem.

    OTOH, both my cats hate water and our taps drip, so this may be why!

  9. Good thing you’ve got a competent woman on the job! If the sink unblocking had been left to you, no doubt we’d just get pictures of the mat for the next two months.

  10. *sniggers*

    That last picture’s your template for a CDF solider before their host personality’s uploaded, right?

  11. I would NEVER be able to resist turning the tap on.

    I see number 4 is where Ghlaghghee (did I get that right?) first noticed the camera… he seems a lot more annoyed by that than the plunging action.

  12. It’s Lopsided Cat, actually. And the pictures are in sequence (number one is a detail of number two).

  13. I believe that’s Lopsided Cat, not Garblegarblegee?

    I can’t believe we’ve gotten 25 comments into a Whatever cat thread with no comment from the Church/Fan Club of Garblegarblegee. They’re slipping.

  14. My new kittens haven’t graduated to the sink yet…too small to make the leap. There has, however been an unfortunate incident with the toilet..during use even!

  15. Nathan:

    Yes. On this end Zeus recently learned the hard way why it was not advisable to hop up on the toilet while it was the process of being used, by me, for bladder evacuation purposes.

    In case you’re all wondering, it happened too fast for me to do anything to stop it. Honestly.

  16. Scalzi – It happens here too. The husband always says the same thing, to the same cat (she’s 14, but apparently still hasn’t learned)

    “Goddammit Kitty! Get out the way before I piss all over you!!”

    She’s also the one that wants to check out what’s going on every time we use the shower. For 14 years…

  17. I’m always amazed that I have not yet pissed on the cat or the dog’s head. Amazed, I tell you.

    Oh, wait I did tinkle on the dog last week during a walk in the woods. He snuck up on me.

  18. Love the new banner. Unimpressed Cat is Unimpressed. Now off to figure out where my feral kitten has wandered off to.

  19. As someone who’s owned by two cats, I find none of this surprising. The fact that I’ve had to shove Gouraud off the keyboard to type this should not be surprising to any cat staff.

  20. Re #10. This is whatever. I see no connection to people in their right minds. Am I missing something?

    I am with those who would be unable to resist turning the cold water on full blast. This can not only cure the current clog, but often prevent future ones.

  21. You are immune to the bacon side of the force.

    I fear you, for I do not understand you.

  22. Conversations that happen a little too frequently at my house:

    “Hey! You have to come see this picture.”

    (Amiable scuffling by the Not A Night Person in the house.)

    “(reads aloud captions while scrolling slowly through the pictures, then adds commentary:) This is that blog of that guy I’m always talking about…. Look, his wife is laughing at him, and the cat is Not Amused…. I really need to put those books where you can read them, you need to read them.”

    “Mmm. Whatever…”

    “Yes! Exactly!”

  23. Given the positions of facial whiskers, the relaxed posture, the mostly closed eyes, and the general tone and lift of the fur, I would translate that statement as a long-suffering, “while I appreciate the attention I do not share your fetish for rubber. Please go play with the dog so I can get back to sleep.”

  24. John said, “…it happened too fast for me to do anything to stop it. Honestly.”

    Yeah, I bet that’s what you were trying to say as you were rolling on the floor laughing as Krissy was attempting to find out why the wet cat was running through the house.

  25. @ Mike (40): Oh yes, I did. And Terry Pratchett’s Unadulterated Cat, too. Can openers of the world, don’t bother to unite, the cats have you figured anyway.

  26. To #34 and others:

    I regret to inform you that turning on the faucet regardless of force of water provides a temporary solution at best. The hair mat will return!

  27. I like that you put that pic as your header. :-)

    One way to keep said hair mat out of the sink is to have an equally (or more) annoying drip that refuses to be fixed. works for us. My cat thinks the bathroom is a place to get mommy alone for cuddling with no canine interference.

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