Some Sort of Social Networking Bend in the Curve

As of yesterday, I now have more Facebook friends (624) than MySpace friends (620). I’m sure it means something, but I have no idea what. And the fact I have more Twitter followers than friends on either MySpace or Facebook friends? Who knows. It all madness to me. Maybe you can explain it.

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  1. I think there is Twitter follower spam. I noticed that I got “people” signing up whose tweets were all pretty much ads.

  2. It’s why I don’t automatically follow everyone who signs up to follow me.

  3. One thing I’m discovering on Facebook is that my relatives have all turned into raging rightwingers now that Obama is the nominee. Ah, Brooklyn Jews. . .

  4. I prefer facebook over myspace. There’s too much clutter and too many adds on myspace. I know more people that use facebook, and it’s easier to try and connect with people I knew in school.

  5. Bryce:

    Beats me. I have all my social networking stuff over there in the sidebar.

  6. I’m a facebook friend and follow you on twitter. My, admittedly elitist, view of it is that more smart people use facebook and twitter than myspace. And smart people like Scalzi.

    I think the difference between the twitter and facebook models can be accounted for by the different models. I wouldn’t have asked to be friends on facebook if I hadn’t exchanged a few direct comments here. By contrast I follow a lot of people on twitter who I’ve never said a direct word to in my life. I may just be weird on that front but I don’t think so. Facebook encourages one to think of “friends” as “people I know and have some sort of connection to”. By contrast the twitter model is built around “I’m going to follow this person who might say something interesting every once in a while”.

  7. Scalzi,

    This article on TechCrunch cites stats that show Facebook caught MySpace in total users in April and passed them in May. It also states that MySpace still has a wide margin (more than double) over Facebook in US only stats.

    Ergo: since you have worldwide appeal, young man, your stats map to the worldwide stats.

    Larry (a math major in hiding)

  8. Funny, I’m the opposite of #11 sng. I have “friends” on Facebook that I hardly know (although I don’t myself seek to friend strangers, I will accept them). It’s no skin off my back. But on twitter, everything is based on payoff for filling up my twitter feed. A close friend who twitters too much? Gone. A stranger whose tweets are consistently interesting? Good. Scalzi, who apparently tweets only occasionally but with wit? Worth a try.

    And the followers who are clearly just trying to grow an enormous “I’m following” list? I block them without a second thought.

  9. Fifty pence says there’s a sudden slew of new facebook friending from people muttering “I didn’t notice that there” and clicking.

  10. MarkHB:

    Well, of course. And MySpace friending too. And Twitter following!

  11. See, the REAL reason is that the Myspace users are too embarrassed to friend you there, because then you’d have to share Top spaces with Tila Tequila and other Porn Stars.

    That.s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it……

  12. Abe, your relatives hark back to my first encounter with racism, which I blogged last week. Pitiful that nothing has changed in 50 years.

  13. To be honest, I have been avoiding the whole facebook thing in the same way I avoided myspace, but I finally bit the bullet with myspace, and it actually isn’t that bad. I think you can control it a lot more than in the early days when every page looked like something exploded on your screen.

    Today, I took the facebook plunge. I figure, if Scalzi has one, what the hell. Now, accept my friendship request, John, so I can have more than one friend and get this party started right. (Heck, we’re already “myspace friends,” so, it’s not like a big step in our relationship or anything.)

    As for this twitter thing, I’m a little too old-man-hey-you-kids-get-off-my-lawn for that at this point. Shit, I can barely figure out this Facebook kajigger.

  14. Side note: that Bebo profile of yours gives me the chuckles every time, specifically the listings for Films.

    “The Taking of Food Lion #622″…hee hee.

  15. I compulsively check Whatever several times a day plus I follow Scalzi on Twitter. I think if I added MySpace I’d go into overload.

  16. I follow someone on twitter if I am actually interested in what they are doing, or if I know who they are and sometimes they say funny/interesting/insightful things.

    For example – Scalzi/Wil I follow – not because I really care what they are doing this instant – but they say funny/interesting/insightful things, and I know who they are. If I didn’t know who they were, I wouldn’t care how insightful their tweets were. They’re still only 140 characters. I have better things to do with my reading time.

    I friended people on MySpace if they were famous/well-known and I wanted people to know I was a fan. Or if they were a friend. It’s pretty easy to tell the difference between the two categories in my friend list. I don’t log into MySpace as much as I used to. Of course, I have a “real blog” and I don’t see a reason to use MySpace’s poor excuse for a blog.

    I’m not likely to friend someone on Facebook unless I know them. I don’t see the point. I know some people think Facebook skews more intelligent, but it seems people only want to play games on it. The vampire/zombie/Heroes games were fun for maybe 48 hours at most. There are only so many times I can give someone a beer before I get tired of it. The forums aren’t bad, but I can find forums elsewhere.

    LinkedIn is the place for ‘serious networking’. No fun or games, and I think they have that niche locked up.

  17. How the hell do I have almost as many friends as you, Scalzi? I’m at 619, yet I believe the number of folks who read my blog is several orders of magnitude less than yours.

  18. Personally, I hate the Facebook apps, and if there was a way to de-app Facebook I’d be on it. (The new ‘ignore all’ button is a help, mind you.)

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