Away Time

As hinted at in a previous entry, I have a project deadline coming up which will require me to actually spend time writing away from here during most of the work day, definitely for the next week and probably through the July 4th weekend. I won’t tell you what the project is yet, except to hint provocatively that it is very cool and that you’ll all be very excited when you learn about it. But I need to get it, you know, done.

How will this affect your life as a Whatever reader? Probably not much, since my plan is to do a bit of time shifting: WordPress allows scheduling of entries, so I suspect what I’ll do is write stuff for Whatever in the evenings and then schedule to pop up at regular intervals during the next day. So you’ll get updated entries, I’ll finish the project I’m working on, and everyone is happy. And as previously mentioned, over the next week I’ll also have a few Big Idea pieces for you; that should keep you busy as well.

However, it does mean that if you send me an e-mail and/or respond to or ask me something in the comment threads, I probably won’t immediately respond, because I’ll be away from Teh Intarweebs for most of the workday. Please exercise patience. Thanks.

5 Comments on “Away Time”

  1. NO. NO NO NO!

    just kidding. I hope it all works out for you.

    I nEVer exercise……………….patience. Let patience get it’s own exercise why should i have to do it.

  2. Does this remind anyone else of the Simpson’s episode where Krusty gets called away suddenly, and decides to put in a tape, since no one would notice? It turns out the tape was from the day of the Falklands invasion. A minor note I guess, but still funny.

    (And yes, I realize that if events conspire to make the scheduled posting look idiotic, John would most likely take a second to cancel it)

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