A Musical Walkback

Robbie Robertson and U2:

Sweet Fire Of Love – Robbie Robertson

I remember playing this song for a kid in my college dorm who was absolutely insane for U2 and watching him go insane because a) he didn’t recognize the song instantly and b) that his heroes somehow managed to put out a song that he didn’t know about. After the song was done, he actually ran out of my room and went instantly to the record store to buy it for himself. Robbie Robertson had a cup of coffee on me that day, he did.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

10 replies on “A Musical Walkback”

Great, great album, featuring Peter Gabriel, BoDeans too.
And that voice, while not smooth, has power and emotion at the very top of the game.
Go back and listen to “somewhere down the crazy river”

That’s a great album. Also, Robbie Robertson did the music for The Native Americans, that TNT documentary series, and there’s some excellent stuff on that soundtrack, as well. He’s been doing some really interesting work in the last few decades.

The only reason I bought that Robbie Robertson CD back when was because it was produced by Daniel Lanois and I just loved Lanois’ Arcadie. oh, well there’s the fact it was Robbie Robertson.

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