No Sunset Today

The sunset was blocked by a big ol’ thundercloud. But the clouds were interesting:

Yes, they’re very pretty, until they’re right on top of you. Which they’re about to be, here.

12 Comments on “No Sunset Today”

  1. Good luck with that, John.

    Personally, I love big, scary storms (so long as no one gets hurt and nothing gets terribly damaged). Love the lights and the noise.

    Strange that I don’t also like the Detroit Greyhound terminal. Guess I’m just weird that way.

  2. That is an AWESOME picture!!! I love the diagonal line in the center. I take it it’s from a jet? I had to save this pic very cool.

  3. And did fields of burnish gold take form within the sky
    Rows of flame marching off in a loitering sunset
    A thickening darkness that shrouded worlds
    And made mystery that once plain.

  4. Wow, that’s mighty nice.

    Any chance I might be able to get a hi-res of that, to add to my “sky and clouds” art reference and scrap folder? That would make a wonderful background to paint interesting things over.

  5. Those are the colors the ridge line at Al Asad turned during the first sunrise I witnessed there. I just wrote about that yesterday and here you post a visual reminder. Thank you.

  6. willywoollove [#3]: I think that diagonal line is the shadow of the very peak of the thundercloud, on the base of the stratus clouds in the foreground. It is a very nice effect.

  7. Yes, it certainly has been stormy lately. Had hail two days ago. Flooded our three season’s room yesterday.

  8. Was it just me or did anyone else see the guy in armor with the sharp nose pointing off to the left in the picture. I wonder what he saw ;)

    Can’t help it. I’ve always looked for shapes in the clouds whether they are there or not.

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