Yes, I Am On the Verge of Overdoing Both Cat and Sunset Photos

Be that as it may, this is a pretty cool shot.

39 Comments on “Yes, I Am On the Verge of Overdoing Both Cat and Sunset Photos”

  1. O Great Scalzi, it is impossible to overdo cat pictures. You of course are quite expert at vastly underdoing them.

    Is this a picture of Her Supreme Illumination allowing the sun to set so that She might rest? We cannot tell due to our tears of joy, Her Shimmering Glorious Radiance so brilliantly lighting the sky, and your poor photographic skills. Particularly the latter.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  2. Beautiful shot.

    There is no such thing as overdoing beauty, and capturing it is the mark of a quiet soul.

    Sharing it is the mark of a sensitive person who likes to make people happy.

    I be happy now.

    P.S. Send more

  3. Overdoing? Maybe not. However, you may have done the ultimate there, making all future cat or sunset photos meaningless and unnecessary.

  4. It looks like your cat just cast a spell that incinerated a flock of birds.

  5. Out of curiosity–is there any photoshopping going on in there? Hard to tell; beautiful photograph, either way. You now need to write a book about a sorcery-wielding cat, just to use that photo as coverart. (I’d buy a book with that on the cover!)

  6. The death-angel of cats, crucified on the left, and the Lord of Light on the right… is that two different kitties, or two Jungian archetypes of the same animal in different moods?

    We have much to contemplate, tonight.

  7. For some reason, to me it looks more like the end of the world, as indicated by the ominous sky and the Mutated Cat Thing that is five times the size of a house.


  8. Pretty cool shot is an understatement. Very contemplative of the power and beauty of nature.

    How long till we see the Whatever Book of Photos?

    Throw in some gems of Scalzi wit and you would have a coffee table book actually worth having on the coffee table. Can I pre-order that?

  9. Yes, it’s punched up a bit in Photoshop. But it looked a great deal like that in real life.

  10. Hey, it’s almost book cover size. Room at the top for text, even.

    “Revenge of Zoe’s Cat, a novel in the Old Man’s War universe”

    Chapter One:

    As the sun set over the peaceful farm, no one suspected that the next alien threat to Humanity would be one only a cat could save them from. But I wasn’t any cat, I was BACON CAT!

  11. I am inclined to think that it’s too punchy, but that’s a matter of taste, and it’s a good shot. I think that the popular color films are too saturated, too, and that most restaurant food is too sweet.

  12. Scalzi @21: It’s not a book deadline, hugh57. It’s a novella deadline.

    Which explains why the Photshoppery isn’t quite as Weird-Ass as it would be for a novel deadline.

  13. @#18 I thought all the characters in Zoe’s Tale already were cats, and that’s why they had to be shapeshifters?

  14. I haven’t totally taken leave of my senses, have I? I’ve been reading Ghlaghghee as “Fluffy”.

  15. Doh! For a couple of moments I thought that was a picture of a tornado, with the cat being the column. Then I spotted the fur and the ear. Doh again!

  16. Gillian,

    Still looks like burning to me. Oilfield fires or Mordor’s blasted borders.

  17. MarkHB @32 – Fair enough! I could see burning too. Tornado was just my first impression.

  18. Don’t stop posting the sunset (and sunrise) pictures. They make the best desktop backgrounds ever.

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