Daily Archives: June 29, 2008

Not That I’ve Been Keeping Track or Anything

After two months of just barely missing the mark, the site finally broke past the one million unique visitors mark, and with one day and three hours to spare: What does it mean? Not much, considering I don’t run advertising on the site, and also because, as a friend recently noted, it’s not that a […]

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Miss Athena Does Not Approve of Your Gauchery

“No, sir! I do not approve!” Miss Athena and I are now off, to go see Wall-E. For the sake of the people sitting behind her, she will not be wearing that hat.

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What a Scandal Doesn’t Look Like

I’m seeing some folks getting all hypervent-ally over a new tidbit of news, in which Newsweek discovered that Cindy McCain was behind on the property tax on some of her property, to the tune of some amount less than $10,000; apparently she was in arrears on the taxes for fours years and were about to […]

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