Aw, Crap

Behind on the duck contest winner. I’ll announce it later today. I swear.

15 Comments on “Aw, Crap”

  1. Well, I have no stake in the duck contest, but Merrie Melodies are always appreciated!

  2. If that is dethpickable then what is this?

    Daffy via Spore Creature Creator

  3. Easily in my top 10 Merrie Melodies of all time. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane!

  4. Some of the entries reminded me of Fredric Brown’s short short stories, I’m not at all surprised it’s hard to choose.

  5. Hey buddy what’s the big idea……….? Cool cartoon. Daffy is one of my favorites.

  6. Huh, I never noticed that Daffy briefly dresses up in Donald Duck’s costume. A shout out to the Disney animators?

  7. At least two of my kids had never seen this before. Aw, the classics are being forgotten!

  8. Hee! A hat trick from the master…
    – Features a duck
    – Features indecision
    – Features lateness and/or lack of an expected item


  9. Daffy must use the same parachute packing company that Wylie Coyote uses…Acme.

    Kind of a Disney Fantasia-esqe view of Daffy’s world.

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