Aw, Crap

Behind on the duck contest winner. I’ll announce it later today. I swear.

15 Comments on “Aw, Crap”

  1. Some of the entries reminded me of Fredric Brown’s short short stories, I’m not at all surprised it’s hard to choose.

  2. Huh, I never noticed that Daffy briefly dresses up in Donald Duck’s costume. A shout out to the Disney animators?

  3. Hee! A hat trick from the master…
    – Features a duck
    – Features indecision
    – Features lateness and/or lack of an expected item


  4. Daffy must use the same parachute packing company that Wylie Coyote uses…Acme.

    Kind of a Disney Fantasia-esqe view of Daffy’s world.

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