Daily Archives: July 2, 2008

Yeah, You Knew This Was Coming

Didn’t get around to deciding the Duck Contest today, and since I’m busy through the weekend, will probably not get to it until Monday. Sorry. But! If it’s any consolation, I’ve decided that there should be more than one winner. So now you’ve at least doubled your chances to win. See, that’s not so bad.

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And It Wouldn’t Be The First Time, Either

Snippet from a phone conversation earlier today: Me (talking as I’m lying on the bed): Just to warn you, the cat just came up on my chest and is sticking her butt in my face, so if I suddenly go “mmmphmmph” while we’re talking, you’ll know why. Friend: Dude, I did not need to know […]

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Justine, Speaking Wisdom

Justine Larbalestier explains why blurbing a book is harder than it looks. And not just because you have to, you know, read the whole novel. The book Justine’s talking about, incidentally, is Ekarina Sedia’s upcoming The Alchemy of Stone, which I would also agree is a lovely book.

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Reminder: There’s No Actual Office for “President of the Left”

Apparently some Obama supporters are shocked and appalled to discover that now that he’s out of the primaries, their man is running to be the President of all the people in the United States, not just the people in the United States who have the “Yes We Can” YouTube video bookmarked on their Web browser. […]

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