Quack, Quack

Still working on it.

I know, I suck. What can I say. I’ve been busy.

Let’s say I’ll post a winner later today. Yeah, that’s it.

20 Comments on “Quack, Quack”

  1. As long as you choose to forestall the inevitable by posting Chuck Jones cartoons, take as much time as you like. I have no stake in this one. I just want to hear the official explanation of what was going on in that photo.

  2. Take your time. No need to rush. And as long as you are posting classic cartoons, any chance of one with some cross dressing?

  3. Admit it. This is just your pitiful scheme to make sure the newcomers to this pathetic joint keep showing up day in and day out to finally know the outcome of the damn rubber devil ducky contest.

    No, I’m not bitter that your cheap ploy seems to be working. I just like devil duckies. They’re a nice combination of cute with a hint of evil. I like that in a bath toy.

  4. Keep playing the cartoons, take all the time you need.

    I think Daffy is the one we can most relate to, despite how we want to think we’re Bugs.

  5. remember the words of Chuck Jones on Bugs and Daffy

    ‘Bugs is inspiration; Daffy is recognition’

    Bugs is the ultra cool guy we imagine ourselves to be and Daffy is how we really are.

  6. So, how about one of the wonderful opera cartoons? Either “What’s Opera, Doc” or “The Rabbit of Seville” would be nice.

  7. First I thought, oh great, another stuck-in-the 80s video from Scalzi and then OMG, it’s “Duck, What Duck”! I say extend this contest another week. We might even get in “Hillbilly Hare”.

  8. I have a new entry:
    The blue duck is John Scalzi, and the rest of the ducks are his readers saying “Are you done yet? Are you done yet? Are you done yet? Are you done yet?”

  9. Everyone knows it’s baseball season.

    One of the few comic strips about baseball was the 50s Cotton Woods by Ray Gotto. (Not to be confused with Gato Del Rey who would be the King of Cats.)

    In the strip, Cotton plays for the Ducks.

    So logically, it’s Ducks season.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  10. How about the (looks away) ummm (stares at feet) hate mail contest??!!?? ( desperate glance followed by deep concentration on twiddling thumbs) I’m just wondering, is all (tuneless, too loud whistling , extended thumb twiddling).

  11. Duck suggestion

    Just admit that it is a tie, and award duplicate prizes to the two or three equal winners.

  12. If Mr. Scalzi wasn’t indeed bragging about his wealth of rubber duckies, and his freedom of time to post pictures of them in his blog, as compared to his loyal blog readers who have to work for a living,
    he would be turning blue with stifled laughter as those of his readers who are still interested in the outcome of the contest, are transforming into the predicted belligerent
    formation which he foresaw. He’s been playing with you all like you were his bath toys, and ashamed that the creative outpouring from people he deemed friends, was so…creative. But he’s bragging, and he doesn’t care. But we all had a good time entering. Kinda like playing a lottery ticket. The evil of men hidden behind casual intentions, or the juxtaposition of the rat race, with rubber duckies….
    You decide….It would seem he would like you all to intervene before he really does become a dis-connected, money grubbing, all powerful writer. I wish I had entered the contest before it was closed. I mean no one mentioned, “Damn!, he’s got a lot of duckies.”

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