Yeah, You Knew This Was Coming

Didn’t get around to deciding the Duck Contest today, and since I’m busy through the weekend, will probably not get to it until Monday. Sorry.

But! If it’s any consolation, I’ve decided that there should be more than one winner. So now you’ve at least doubled your chances to win. See, that’s not so bad.

11 Comments on “Yeah, You Knew This Was Coming”

  1. I’ve always chalked up the fact that I have zero ability with math to my predilection toward writing. I remember my freshman year of general chemistry when I literally spent 4 hours trying to balance a single ionic equation.

    That said: I was about to question whether this really doubled the chances of winning until I realized that, say, two out of thirty-three really is, in fact, double one out of thirty-three.

    And I was about to not comment at all until I realized that some other commenters/readers might appreciate that.

    I tell ya, I love realizing I can be geeky in new ways.

  2. So, does that second winner have the luxury of “submission after deadline” ?

    ’cause I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I’ll do it.

    saeaee,, IWe’mm doaiwng iiiwvasttt nnnnooiooiowww.


  3. What about the ultimate cartoon duck video? Donald and Daffy with the dueling pianos in Who Framed Roger Rabbit…

  4. You know, the implication of, “Hey, the rain stopped! Welp – let’s get fuckin’!” never occured to me before watching this, for some reason.

  5. You know, I’m starting to suspect that this whole contest is a ploy and you’re actually going for the world record for procrastination… In which case I would have to admit I understand completely.

    But I still want to know who won.

  6. “Quack,” said the ducks as they circled in.

    John was surrounded by ducks closing in, circling like sharks smelling blood. “No, really, I’ll get to it soon,” he said, the mollifying smile on his face failing to pacify the masses. John backed up, until he felt the cool, smooth surface of the giant duck dispenser stop his retreat. The ducks were close now. So close he felt an intense need to preen, to create some space, if only imaginary, between him and the ducks with murder in their eyes.

    “Soon, John,” they cooed in unison.

    And then the hate mail really began.

  7. It’s a real life Wonka contest. Give up the Gobstopper,
    and you get the ultimate reward.(participation)

    I am shamelessly bumping my previous post:

    If Mr. Scalzi wasn’t indeed bragging about his wealth of rubber duckies, and his freedom of time to post pictures of them in his blog, as compared to his loyal blog readers who have to work for a living,
    he would be turning blue with stifled laughter as those of his readers who are still interested in the outcome of the contest, are transforming into the predicted belligerent
    formation which he foresaw. He’s been playing with you all like you were his bath toys, and ashamed that the creative outpouring from people he deemed friends, was so…creative. But he’s bragging, and he doesn’t care. But we all had a good time entering. Kinda like playing a lottery ticket. The evil of men hidden behind casual intentions, or the juxtaposition of the rat race, with rubber duckies….
    You decide….It would seem he would like you all to intervene before he really does become a dis-connected, money grubbing, all powerful writer. I wish I had entered the contest before it was closed. I mean no one mentioned, “Damn!, he’s got a lot of duckies.”

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