Don’t Make Me Laugh

If it’s Thursday, it’s time for another AMC SF movie column. This week, I look at why so few science fiction movies are genuinely funny (and why Wall-E, which is genuinely funny, is funny in a different way from most science fiction comedies). In this column, rather than opining with heedless confidence, I admit I’m just throwing out a theory and want feedback if the theory makes any sort of sense, so here’s a chance for you to tell me “dude, you’re so totally wrong” (as long as, you know, you back it up with cites). So get on over there and comment, if you dare.

Update: Whoops, momentarily forgot to turn comments off here. Fixed that. Folks, the reason I’d prefer you comment over there as opposed to over here (and why I turn off the comments on this side) is that one of the reasons they like having mere there is because they see healthy discussion of the stuff I write. I’m not saying you have to comment over there or I’ll lose the gig (really, it’s not like that; they like me for other reasons, too), but if you do feel like commenting on one of the columns, please do, and please do it over there. Thanks.

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